My First Tattoo Experience 💉

Good morning everyone!

Today I thought this would be a fun post to write and share with you all.

At least everyone has gone through a time in their lifetime where they will look twice at tattoos and wonder what it would be like for them, what they would get or if they would even get one or consider getting one.

I love when I talk to people and they say how they either have always wanted to get one but wouldn’t know where they would put it or they say that they couldn’t handle the idea of permanently having something that they could potentially grow sick of looking at. Everyone varies, everyone is entirely different on their view of tattoos.

Now, I have quite a lot of tattoos. I would be happy to show you photos of each and every one of them but for this post this is strictly my first tattoo, what it looks like, how the pain felt, how to look after it, what it was like with my parents reactions and how I feel about it/why I chose it. Enjoy!

What Does Your First Tattoo Look Like? 

(The ring finger)

What Is It And Why Did You Choose It? 

It’s the starsign symbol for Cancer and Taurus combined, I got this to resemble my mother and I. My mother is a Cancer sign and I’m a Taurus sign.

My mother has been an astrologer for pretty much my entire life so it was a nice representation for us!

Did It Hurt? 

Not at all, I mean it felt funny – like a weird vibrating sensation on my knuckle bone and at that time I hadn’t experienced that kind of thing before.

What Was My Parents Reaction?

So I got this tattoo the day after my 18th birthday. My birthday was on the Friday, I already had booked for the appointment to be on the Saturday and my parents drove me to the parlour. They left me in the parlour to do my thing while they went and got groceries, I was very nervous to say the least! I was looking around at all these big buff people with facial tattoos and I was terrified!

My parents were supportive but they didn’t understand why I would want to tattoo my body. It was a normal parental reaction, just supportive but still uncertain.

The more tattoos I get the more vocal my parents are about it, which is fine – they’re parents, that is their normal reaction to permanent life choices.

What Encouraged You To Get A Tattoo?

At the time I was very much so into body modification and creative outlets. I used to watch videos of people putting hooks through their backs and hang around, I used to find scarification ‘cool’ and all of those… lovely… things.

I used to be really into that whole scene, I was 18 years old and wanted to make a stand out in the world.

I used to pierce myself at home and I even used to stretch my earlobes (I never went bigger than 5mm) – it was just what I was into at the time and I admired people in that crowd around me. I just went for it.

The encouragement stemmed from social media, to be honest. It was the world I saw through the computer screen and I wanted to be a part of it.

Have You Ever Had Any Troubles From Your Tattoo?

This is something I want to stress – please consider your tattoo placement. I went straight for my hands, because I wanted to be able to look at it all the time.

I was in the law work force as a secretary at the time, tattoos didn’t fit in so well there. You need to consider your workplace and if you aren’t in a job you need to consider you are going to have to get one one day – be careful and mindful.

Yes your body is yours and you don’t want to base your life decisions off of others opinions, but you need to look after yourself at the same time. Be careful, that is all I have to say.

Luckily I have been okay with my tattoos, but that is sheer luck. I avoid anything customer facing because I don’t want to put myself in the firing line of being told no because of my tattoos – it limits your options. I am fantastic with people and I would love to be in something like reception work or a medical field – anything like that, it would be great! But you need to have that professional look, and with tattoos all over my hands, unfortunately that isn’t a possibility in this day and age.

You can’t expect employers to break habit and hire you because it’s your body, you make your own choices and that it shouldn’t effect your work life – that isn’t happening, don’t expect it to. Old habits die hard in life, and that’s just how it is. So please be mindful of where you want them.

Do You Regret It?

Not at all, I love when Winter is over and it is warm enough to wear a shirt and I can see my arms and my tattoos freely – it’s the best feeling ever.

All of my tattoos share value and meaning to me, I wouldn’t go back on it at all. My hands I do have concerns over purely for work reasons but if I didn’t have them my hands would look and feel like not my hands. I see photos of me without them and it’s just strange to me. I love it all.

Opinions On Getting Tattoos Underage?

I think you should be old enough to have common sense, if that’s when you are underage or not that’s entirely up to how mature the person is and the parents choice.

Personally I wouldn’t let my kids (if I had kids) get a tattoo underage because I would want them old enough to make an executive decision.

There really is an age law for a reason. It isn’t hard to wait until you legally can, if you really wanted a tattoo you would be more than happy to wait until you can independently do it. It would be more worth it and your own journey.

Helpful Tips:

1. Do aftercare properly! 

2. One more time – do aftercare properly!

3. It’s okay if it’s gooey and takes time to scab, every human body heals different. 

4. On your first time, wear minimal clothes/light weight clothes around the area you are getting it done. Preferably breathable material. 

5. Don’t keep the cling wrap on too long when it’s finished – go straight home, rinse it with cold water and let it breathe. 

6. Never apply too much aftercare cream – apply a small size, enough to cover the tattoo but small enough that it can still dry and breathe. 

7. Depending on the size and length of the session, you will have some swelling – that is normal. 

8. Don’t pick at your scabs – I repeat, don’t pick at the scanning!

9. Choose the right tattooist. 

10. Don’t go cheap. 

I hope this helps, if you need a recommendation for what aftercare cream to use, use Bepanthen cream from your local pharmacy. I have never had a problem with that and used it for almost all of my tattoos – once I changed to Bepanthen I was super happy and will always use it in future.

So that’s it! I hope this was insightful.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them in the comments below.

Speak soon all!



2 thoughts on “My First Tattoo Experience 💉

  1. I recall my first tattoo experience, it was on my back and it hurt. But, since I’ve gotten an arm tattoo and it didn’t hurt at all. Sometimes I do regret getting it on my arm where everyone can see. But my hubby reminds me that I’m the creative type and it’s apart of who I am. 🙂

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