[News] Manchester Arena – Ariana Grande Concert

My sincerest condolences go out towards the families that were involved in the tragedy that unfolded today in the Manchester Arena.

We need to work on making this world a better place to live in, when you can’t even go to a concert to watch your favourite artist perform without risking your safety – you know that there are some serious concerns within this place that we call Earth. b38d27313ce62f8fb5272fdd7bd724aa

The world isn’t a bad place, it’s the people living on it. We need to make some serious changes, the only thing that can cause change is if we come together as a community and support one another.

We are supporting you here from Australia all the way to Manchester! We care and we are here for every single family going through this tragedy. You aren’t alone, we are listening.

I am truly so sorry for the losses that have been announced today.

My best wishes are going to you all, love is coming your way telepathically from me!

Wishing you peace to bring comfort,
Courage to face the days ahead,
And loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

– Jess



One thought on “[News] Manchester Arena – Ariana Grande Concert

  1. Terrible. I feel for the artist too having their performance and work used as a place to launch such evil. I hope she can make her career stronger and help those affected. Cannot understand why these people won’t even attack targets relevant to their cause. Cowardly hate designed to turn uninvolved citizens against themselves. In the 70’s Palestinians were proud of how the media was going to work for their purposes in a few decades. A little bit of communications theory and semiotics will show how they’ve worked.

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