[Foodies On Board] Budget Lunch Ideas To Bring To Work – Save Your Bank From Buying Lunch Out Everyday!

Hey guys!

So my partner and I used to be in terrible habits of buying our work lunches while we were out at work, whether that be at cafes or the Woolworths down the road, we just thought that the ‘cheap’ coffee and sandwich or whatever wouldn’t stack up in the bank that much, and, well – it did! We were spending so much money getting lunch out, we were never bringing food from our pantry at home.

The thing is just how little you notice your bank going down. You adjust your savings to how much you are spending, and you don’t actually calculate how much that you are in fact spending little bit by little bit each day.

I thought it would be fun to just give you guys a few ideas on what you can bring to work on a budget. These days, no one has that much money to spend. Unfortunately we can’t all afford buying lunch out, so it’s nice to bring things from home and get a bit excited for what you have. It’s also important to snack throughout the day, if you eat little bits all day that’s actually healthier for you than having one big meal or skipping. Snacking is always good. Strange, right? Let’s get to it!

Ideas To Bring To Work:

1. Packet of dried fruit and nuts. 

Whether this be dried apple, sultanas, almonds, anything! You can get little snack packs. I get 2 packets of sultanas when I do my shop and there are 6 boxes in a pack. It’s handy and delicious! There are dried yoghurt coated sultanas and assorted nuts as well that you can purchase from your local supermarket, if you are into that kind of thing!
Recommend: Sultanas Snack 6 Pack (Your generic cheap supermarket brand)

2. Lunchbox sized packet of chippies!

Now this doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, if you aren’t down for having a packet of chips that is absolutely fine – but it’s awesome to have here and there. I usually grab the assorted big packet, so they have the lunchbox sized packets in variety. Small, delicious and.. why not?
Recommend: Shapes – Assorted Multipack (They are delicious)

3. Muesli bar/Nut bar – any form of bar!

These are the best. I love grabbing muesli bars out for lunch, they are one of my favourite things. You can even grab some granola bars, they are so, so yummy! You can purchase assorted bars, so you don’t get sick of having the same one if you prefer.
Recommend: Nice & Natural Yoghurt Nut Bars 6 Pack

4. A piece of fruit. 

As they say, a apple a day keeps the doctor away! So definitely grab a piece of fruit to come with you to work. If you want to make it fun, you can grab all sorts of fruit, whether you want melon, grapes, apples, oranges – just make yourself a fruit salad if you like!
Recommend: Big bag of Apples!

5. Crackers. 

I usually purchase Vita Weats and I’ll put Vegemite on them or even peanut butter, my partner is crazy for peanut butter. If you just make yourself some crackers, however many you want and wrap them up in cling wrap they will be great all day for you. They’re so nice, especially if you get peckish in the morning at work. You can also use a tin of tuna and put tuna on the crackers, if you like!
Recommend: 9 Grains Vita Weats

6. Sandwich. 

The most staple thing to bring to work is a sandwich. It’s filling, you can literally put whatever you want on it and it’s easy and quick to make in the morning. I get a bit fancy with sandwiches, you can always do your usual Vegemite sandwich or fruit spread if you like, however I purchase smoked ham and I will make a ham sandwich. I usually will add additional things to it, such a spinach and a bit of cheese with Nando’s sauce and pepper (it sounds weird but it’s delicious because you could even press it into a toastie if they have a sandwich press at your work) and it genuinely makes lunch amazing!
Recommend: Multigrain bread for whatever you choose to put on your sandwich, if using butter/margarine I recommend using lite olive spread.

Depending on what we have for dinners, we usually will dip out on making a sandwich and instead bring the leftovers from dinner. So we would put it into a plastic container that night to be taken to work the next morning. You also can bring soup with you, as in the cup of soups – where you just boil a kettle and pour it into your mug, stir, and ta-da you have a nice warm soup! Just bring some multigrain bread with you so you can have bread with your soup.

I mean, of course you are going to get hungry on your way home. However my partner and I are lucky because by the time he comes home dinner is just being served by me, so he can tuck right into dinner. It just comes down to what you like for throughout the day. Whether you have a crazy big appetite or you like to space out your meals – I don’t know, however we have come from having lunches out to figuring out what works from home and this appears to work like a gem.

This is just something for you to start with idea wise and what you can do for food when going to work. It’s worth the jump, it saves you so much money in comparison and it also gives you more time to enjoy your lunch rather than waiting in line or figuring out what you are going to actually go get.

In regards to purchasing coffees/teas, purchase some tea bags to take with you to work and keep them at your desk or in your bag and bring a travel mug with you. Your workplace usually will have coffee powder available in the kitchen area. Travel mugs are the handiest thing to have with you! You can get lovely travel mugs from Typo, Big W, T2 – many places! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and have plenty of water throughout the day.

Anyway, I hope this gave you a few helpful pointers into the right direction, or even inspired you to make up your own ideas for what you would like to bring with you.

Speak soon!



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