We Have Reached 300 Followers This Morning!

EVERYONE!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

I am so excited to have reached 300 followers! I woke up this morning and it has seriously made my entire day already. I am so appreciative for you. Each and every single one of you. 

I don’t think you don’t understand how much it means to me when I even get one single view on a post! 

My aim is to make you smile, inspire you as well as motivate you to obtain your own opinion and thoughts – even if it goes against anything that I write, it matters to me that you gain an opinion on a topic and empower yourself to feel that opinion strongly. I really, really appreciate you all for taking the time to follow me, I hope that over time you grow fond of my content and it becomes something valuable to you. 

This is my passion! DaySixtyFive is so important to me. It isn’t just a hobby for me, it is a part of who I am and it is my dream. For you all to be encouraging this dream and supporting me, it matters beyond anything and everything. 

Thank you. You all have made me so happy today, I couldn’t be more grateful. What a beautiful day it has started out to be. 

Speak soon!



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