[Fri-yay Fun Day] Top 10 Ideas For Things To Do On Your Weekend! Gibberish Included!

Hey everyone!
If you are one of those people that want to do something but you just don’t know what to do, feel free to refer to this list for ideas on what you can get up to this weekend. I love writing things like this, so if you really enjoy it let me know and I’ll come up with more posts that are relatively similar.

Top 10 Ideas For Things To Do On Your Weekend:

1. Find a nice walk outside of your area, whether this be a bush trail (one that is well known and maintained so you don’t get lost) and make a day out of it. Get your good walking shoes on, fill up your bottles of water, grab your cameras and find some people to go with or even go on your own (make sure people know where you are and stay safe!). It’s a fantastic way to get outside in the fresh air.

2. Find a nice restaurant that you have never been to with a cuisine that you really want to try – or haven’t had in a while and go there! Really take in your meal, eat slowly and savor every moment.

3. Re-arrange your place/your bedroom. Find some cool ideas online on nice layouts and designs, and replicate it. Do your research with colours/designs and really get into it. Change up your environment. The way it makes you feel when it is all done is absolutely amazing. It’s so much fun to re-arrange and switch up your environment, especially if it hasn’t been changed in a while! Get creative and have heaps of fun with it, maybe make some things or go out and purchase things that you need to really take it to the next level. Admire your place/your bedroom. Get it to a state where you are ridiculously proud of how it looks, you will have such a boost of confidence for it. Trust me!

4. GandalfMovie marathon the shit out of your weekend! Put on Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter – maybe even Star Wars?! Go out to your local store, grab all of the delicious goods and make the comfiest floor experience. Get all the pillows, blankets, food and drinks and really get into it. Marathon the entire day, get taken into the fantasy land and enjoy it! (You can also binge TV series watch as well!)

5. Pamper day. Get all of your favourite things out, buy a new magazine, get some nice face masks and heat up those face clothes. Put in your favourite bubble bath or bath bombs into that bath tub and fill it up! Light all of your nice scented candles, put on your favourite music and relax until you have relaxed your socks off. Indulge yourself.

6.  Get stuck into some DIYs. Pick up some new things to do. Maybe you want to go for a walk and take some fantastic photos? Maybe you want to start a novel? Maybe you want to paint something awesome? Maybe you want to learn how to knit? Maybe you want to create a dream catcher? Or your own candles? Bake the most dangerously good chocolate cake? Whatever it is, do it! Open up Google and find out what you need and what you have to do to get that DIY going but go and do it. Make it your creative splurge, why not?

7. Go to the aquarium, museum, a concert, food festival or theme park – if you have the money, definitely consider going to an attraction of some kind! You might actually have the time of your life. If you are tight for money, it probably would be best to go against this. But if you haven’t gone out in the last 3 months – get your butt to one of this near you. You deserve to let your hair down for a while. This is why you work, to enjoy your life by seeing new things and trying new things. Get outta here, you!

8. Find a cool jazz bar, or a funky bar of any kind. Maybe you want to go get some ridiculously big beers, take advantage of that and find something fantastic and known for selling the biggest beers in your area. Maybe go to a jazz bar that you have always wanted to go to. You could even go find somewhere that is really involved what they do, like a French restaurant that you don’t even understand what you are ordering but it just sounds cool. Get taken away into a different country just by being in your local area.

9. Create a challenge for yourself. Try and go the whole weekend without using your mobile phone, or without listening to music. If you don’t want to do challenge for the entire weekend, maybe even just doing something fun like the accent challenge where you write down all of the different kinds of accents on little pieces of paper and put it into a hat and you take turns in doing that accent and the other person has to guess what accent it is. Maybe even attempt the cinnamon challenge and show your friends and family – who knows! Have some fun with it.

10. Errand weekend. Errands don’t always have to be a hassle! If you actually specifically decide your weekend to getting everything that you need done and over with, you will feel amazing for next weekend and you will thank past you for doing it. Turn it into fun, get excited about doing the washing! Put fun, up beat music on and make yourself laugh while doing it by dancing silly or talk to yourself in a funny voice. I don’t know. Do funny things! Just get silly and turn errands into fun. You are alive, you have this weekend to do absolutely anything and everything – if you need to do errands and they have built up over time, make it fun for yourself. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment, even if they aren’t the best of times.

Remember, you can always see your family. Unfortunately I’m in a different state than my family, so I don’t have the freedom to be just a quick drive away. But if you are, I highly encourage you to take the time to go see them. Bring them some food or beverages, ask them how they are going and take in their company.

Mums are a true blessing to this world, take in their company as much as you can – you don’t know how much you will miss it when you don’t have it! That goes for dads too, I have dad jokes every day on here so I’m improvising for my dad right now because I don’t get his morning routine of random wisdom as I’m waking up and he’s going to work (Seriously, he would wake me up and leave me with the most random things to think about all day like random life quotes and funny jokes! Dads, I’m tellin’ ya!).

So please, don’t push seeing your family away. Spend as much time as you can with them, I would love to see them at ease. I miss them to pieces. Family isn’t lame, it isn’t a bore or a hassle visiting them – it’s a bloody blessing in disguise!

If your friends are your family, do give them a call and do these above ideas with them. They will always make times more fun, so give them a call. Even if you don’t feel like company, that will quickly change when you see them and you’ll be left with the feeling of “Omg we should so see each other more!” and then you probably will avoid seeing them again for a few more weeks. You know, the usual. We all do this!

Anyway, I hope I helped. I hope you enjoy the absolute bees knees out of this Friday. If bees had tiny little knees, this would be it. 4560998

FRI-YAY! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Speak soon.



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