When You Don’t Fit The “Blog Box”, What Audience Are You Trying To Reach?

Hey guys!

So I just have been going through my usual rounds on WordPress this afternoon, you know, finding new blogs to drool over and fun content to read and comment on. But I came across a few that, well, literally are just the same in content but different people writing it.

There your usual fashion blogs, you know, the “Does my pout look big in this?” with their poor friends having to use their fun daily outing as a fashion shoot. That coffee date was a trap. Trap I tells ‘yeh!

Of course your usual blogs that are so stuck on one criteria they don’t have the freedom to break out of that. But then I came across some writers that are questioning themselves if their content is good enough, because they aren’t sticking to one specific criteria on what their blog is about. It actually made me doubt myself too.

I actually got questioned the other day on my social media platform about what audience I’m trying to reach, what???? I was actually conflicted by that question. It’s such a normal question to ask, but I wasn’t sure why I was being asked it. I actually didn’t know that you HAD to have a specific criteria so you can reach a selective audience.

The thing is, I don’t want to put DaySixtyFive into the “blog box”, it’s like telling yourself to ONLY use your cars glove box for your gloves. Absolutely nothing else can go in there, or you’ll confuse your passengers. No further questions.

But it’s like, hang on a minute. I have so many questions. Since when do you not have the freedom to reach anyone and everyone? I want to have such a large variety of content that people don’t know where to start. I want DaySixtyFive to be a page where someone stumbles across it and can get stuck reading my content for ages. There’s jokes, quotes, recipes, beauty tips, lifestyle advice, rants, thoughts, blogging, fun facts and memes – whatever, you name it. I want to have it there for people to just dive into and learn, read, laugh, absolutely anything.

Why can’t we all write whatever we want? If you want more content on one topic, but wake up one day and decide you want to write something completely surreal – wow your audience by showing diversity. Get more people on board by providing different content.

There will be days your audience is going to want to find information somewhere, they will know you only write about one thing, so they will go find someone else who writes what they are after. Why not be that person that can provide anything and everything? Let your audience question “Wait a second, they might actually have something about this topic I’m thinking of” rather than knowing nope, you wouldn’t have it.

Be fresh, be you. Write whatever you damn well want to, welcome everyone with open arms! Writing is fun, it isn’t a chore. It isn’t something you have to limit yourself to. That’s why writing is so much fun, because not even the sky is your limit.

Writing is amazing, get that flow going! Question yourself on what you are capable of, let those juices flow!

No more “blog box”ing!

Speak soon all,



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