Reasons Why I Am Stopping The Use Of Birth Control 

Hey everyone, 

I hope we are all going well today! Happy Monday to you all. 

This morning, I woke up pissed off. What started it? I was running late because my clothes were wet from being put in the washing machine and my makeup table was annoying me. Is this a normal thing to get blood boiling, hands shaking and voice breaking mad? No, but this is my life and has been nonstop when I have been on birth control. 

When I started taking birth control, I thought it was great. I was like, hell yeah no normal periods! But, no, this isn’t normal. 

Of course there are the positives that if you are in a long term monogamous relationship you can have unprotected sex, you get lighter/shorter periods, skin looks great – whatever. 

This is what society expects from women. Men are fertile 100% of the time, all around the clock. Women are only fertile when they are ovulating. Who gets put onto birth control? Women. Men can have the time of their lives in sex, do whatever they want and they don’t have to worry about the responsibility of supporting a child. While women have to fill their bodies up with scientifically created hormones to stop themselves from menstruating (Which is what us beautiful women do! If you haven’t heard, it’s natural! That’s life!) because they don’t want to have children themselves. 

The chemical imbalance is disturbing. There is no information out there about what birth control actually does to your mental health. 

I’m all over the place – I’m angry, like crazily angry at the smallest things. I want to break things. Allllll of the things. I want to cry, I have moments of pure sadness for no reason out of no where. My anxiety has sky rocketed and I just cannot put my finger on what it is. It’s entirely hormonal, it’s insane. 

I have addressed this with doctors prior to swapping pills (which I have done numerous times) and they have nothing to say to me. 

There’s no recognition or support for women out there. Yet I go online to things like Reddit or whatever and there’s so many people relating to how I feel. Why aren’t doctors helping spreading this awareness? 

If I was aware that there was this many problems with birth control, I would not be on it. I wouldn’t touch it. 

It’s unfair the amount of expectation that there is on women to be on birth control, when really we should be encouraging one another as women to know our bodies and respect our bodies and their natural balances, while figuring out alternative contraceptive measures that include your partner as a partnership. It isn’t fair to expect the woman to pull the weight of contraception. It takes two to make another life form, not one. 

That’s all for this topic folks, I’m going back to my tea now. 

Speak soon! 



8 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Am Stopping The Use Of Birth Control 

  1. I feel for you guys on this issue. Most men would like me to shut the eff up on this over the years…. but they turn into the cowards they initially say I am when they pluck up a bit of Dutch. I couldn’t give a shit either way. Haven’t been laid in 5 years and couldn’t care less if I ever were again. Can still challenge 30 blokes in a change room to shut the mouth up though and they back down. Too many kids having kids. Stand for nothing you fall for everyone. Mental toughness and respect. Men who don’t respect women want to try being as strong as what you folk put up with. Don’t know why so many of you go for girly boys though. We all show our true selves eventually… generally speaking. This statement bears no relation to persons fictional or real, alive or dead… etc…


      1. Yeah, you know you’re going to jump ship when you start yelling out to your boss, “Hey Girly boy!”… and he tries giving you the talk asking if I hear him referring to his line manager in that way.
        It’s around then I have often asked him if that’s what his missus told him to say.
        Funny how I just keep getting stronger and in demand. Rude physical health from total abstinence from all chemical conformity and weakness probably has a bit to do with it… and mental tough. Moral education for a thug who is clearly a lot smarter and more easily entertained that every genius profiles at a glance. Working for a Melbourne girly boy causes depression 😄

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      2. I was an elite athlete and student at an elite school… attitudes on exactly this saw me denounced and in the gutters where I met a much better class of criminal. Getting sober etc… nearly 2 decades ago has people terrified. Before my brother was killed a long time ago he told me… if a large group is going to beat you up, keep 1 eye open in case you survive 😄 In thw process some very important people also think I am wild and funny… a chipper bloke, and my heart has been weighed.
        Bless you… and let there be rock

        Liked by 1 person

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