[Beauty Corner] Budget Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

Good afternoon ladies and gents!

Today I thought it would be fun to post into Beauty Corner as I haven’t for a couple of weeks now so it seems like it is about time for another posts in this section of DaySixtyFive.

Well, the title says it. I have combination to oily skin, I am one oily slug apparently! If you are like me, you know how terrible it is to skip out on wearing makeup throughout the weekend and only to feel your face and be like “mmm, this is so unattractive”. Can anyone relate? Probably not, it’s just me being weird.

I have used all of the generic products and it is safe to say that it is all bullshit if you ask me, none of them do what they say they do! Yes, I’m talking about you Clearasil and Neutrogena – kiss my butt!

People forget to realize, price range does not matter. You do not need to spend over $10.00, you can get just as good if not better products in affordable range. My experiences genuinely prove that fact for me.

Anyhoo, these are the tips and tricks that I get up to and it works like magic. P.s. I’m not rich so it’s all affordable on the wallet side of things. Let’s start with what products I use!

What Products I Recommend:

For Face Wipes: Lacura “Fine Balance Cleansing Wipes” – I will usually use these after I get out of the shower to remove leftover mascara and foundation if any remains. Shock horror, I wash my makeup off in the shower with just my usual soap (for soap I use Goat Soap, it’s great for your skin) (beauty bloggers screaming in the background, I know) and that gets rid of my makeup pain free and quickly.

For Face Wash: Lacura “Purify Exfoliating Wash Oily Skin” – I use this if my skin is playing up. It smells and feels incredible, my face literally feels so smooth afterwards and my spots will clear up in no time. I used to use “Simple” zapper tool, but now I don’t even need to.

~ If I’m feeling fancy I use Lush “Angels On Bare Skin”, but I haven’t felt the need to use that lately.

That is literally all that I use for my skin.

The best part is, these are just store bought from my local Aldi supermarket! Literally has saved me a fortune. If I counted up all of the money I have spent in my entire lifetime on skin care products that advertisements preach that they have the magic serum, I could probably afford to get a mortgage on a house. Haha, no one knows how serious I am!

My Simple Routine:

1. It’s the end of the day, my make-up is annoying me and it’s time to get it off.
2. Shower and use goat soap to wash my no longer socially acceptable face off.
3. Damn it mascara.
4. Use face wipe to get off post gothic streaky mascara off under eyes and left over sexy foundation that I somehow missed in my adventures.
5. Is face angry? Access situation.
6. If yes – face wash pls.
7. If no – you are done, go to bed.

Ta da!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post.

Tomorrow is Fri-yay – don’t forget to look forward to the weekend! Weeeeeekend! (Gotta get down on Friday)



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