Happy Anniversary! My 3rd Year On WordPress!

Good afternoon all,

Today, three years ago, I registered with WordPress. This was the day that my life had changed for the greater, even though I did not use my WordPress how I liked, I didn’t find my groove until April 2017 – this is still amazing because my WordPress would not be around today if I didn’t make the choice to join three years ago.

Three years ago, I wanted to be a fashion blogger. I wanted to be like the beautiful women you see these days that have luxury photographs and outfits to die for, however I have grown so much since then.

I have pushed past the aesthetic pleasures in beauty and I have found deeper meaning within my ideals for myself and what I would like to spread to the world. I’m not saying that those fashion bloggers out there aren’t finding deeper meanings within themselves, this is purely independently thought out for myself – this is what I find deeper within me and what I would like to spread out to the universe.

WordPress for me has truly brought me peace of mind. My thoughts are silent after I post, my feelings are expressed and I feel weight lifting off of my shoulders. When I post positive thoughts, I feel positive within myself. It spreads like fireworks.

I want to bring more positive and uplifting content, no matter what I am writing about even in prior posts if it is a sensitive topic or a rant about something – I always end the post with positive advice and changes you can make in life to bring prevention.

I love my readers so much, even if no one reads, at least I am bringing out positive energy for those who stumble across DaySixtyFive.

Enjoy your Fri-yay all, Happy Anniversary to us.



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