Harry Potter, Which House Are You? 

Hey all,

Good morning! I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a great start to your week. I’ve decided to pick up the Harry Potter series once again, for the thousands of times that I have read it – it still gets better. My mum is reading it again and ugh I love reading it, I can’t go a year without reading it once again – it never gets old for me!

I had an interesting idea for us all, I wonder what house the sorting hat would decide for you guys! If you wanted to give it a go, follow the Pottermore sorting hat quiz and let me know down in the comments what house you were given.

I was given Ravenclaw, last I did it a few years ago I was Slytherin so I must be becoming less evil of a person as I grow older. Or I’m hiding it better. Who knows!

Looking forward to seeing what you all get.

Speak soon,



  1. According to Pottermore, my Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw, and my Ilvermorny House is Pukwudgie. Also my Patronus is a Husky, and my wand is Alder with unicorn hair, 10¾”, hard. (Although according to the Celtic Tree chart, it should actually be Hazel.)

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