Changes, Updates, Seeing The Bigger Picture (Part 2 – Put Your Phone Away) – DaySixtyFive

Hey guys,

The best example I can use for this is that when you are at traffic lights or on a motor way, you will notice that there are people out there (9/10 people) who will be peeking their heads down at their phones in their hands rather than focusing on the damn road. Texting, on their social media accounts, playing a game – whatever.

Everyone is glued to their phones. I can easily get in heated topics with people about social media, even at work someone asked if I had Facebook the other day, when I replied with “No, I haven’t had it in 5-6 years” they replied with “Who are you? Is this even your real name?” and that’s literally the standard reaction.

Little do people realize, social media is just a marketing platform. You literally are getting fed advertisements when you are slowly falling asleep in bed with your eyes glued to your social media accounts. Advertisements from the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall asleep – or even just in your spare time. Your privacy is invalid.

It isn’t an easy way to communicate with your friends. When you remove your social media platforms, you will be surprised who your real friends are, you literally will have a social circle that you can count with on one hand, if you even have any left to count. When you don’t have social media, you drop off the face of the earth.

Relationships are fake when they are formed online. When you get into real life, face to face interactions, you are starting right back to square one. You have to learn who they are in person. No one is who they project that they are online, their life is entirely different to what they show you.

Nice food? It’s served at a restaurant or a cafe, it has to look presentable. Or they have styled their food to look that good from home, with every intention to post that online. They still have to butter their toast in the morning. Their toast looks identical to yours. They still get crumbs down their shirt. Their food isn’t that glamorous.

Thin stomach? Thin thighs? Probably clenching their entire being and angling their photo to get that perfect shot, after they took 150+ photos of the one thing, they chose the best to post and filter the shit out of.

Their face breaks out like yours does, their body has rolls when they are sitting or leaning over, they still eat, they still go to the bathroom, they still have problematic life situations. Money is just an object.

Don’t dwell over what is posted online. People literally could not put on a better show than they do on their social media accounts. If people spent half as much time as they do online to real life passions and hobbies, they would reach more pure satisfaction in themselves when they reach an age where their social media accounts are no longer valuable.

Everything has an expiration date. One day all of those social media “queens” and “kings” that you see online will become forgotten, and they would have wasted so much of their time staring at their phones and their insecurities will sky rocket.

Time is valuable, find real life passions because by the time you hit the halfway mark in life you are going to feel emptier than ever. It’s important to look after yourself.

Part 3 is coming.

Speak soon,



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