Changes, Updates, Seeing The Bigger Picture (Part 3 – What About DaySixtyFive?) – DaySixtyFive

Hey guys,

This is the last post in this thread, part 3, what will happen to DaySixtyFive? I will be posting on DaySixtyFive weekly. However, I will no longer be providing posts such as Joke Of The Day and my posts on Mondays/Wednesdays with occasional Beautiful Life quotes. I have found it has taken a stressful obligation to post, I don’t want that to be an experience with DaySixtyFive.

I love blogging, I find it so much fun and I really enjoy writing to you all. I want to provide quality over quantity. I will only be blogging about topics that I truly am inspired to write, as I find that is what really matters and where you get the best flow.

There has been a voice in the back of my mind for months now, I have a plot for a fantasy book that I truly want to get started on.

I read an interesting post on Reddit yesterday where it really motivated me to find my true passions and hold onto them so you truly can advance within that passion and you’ll become so good at it that it makes you feel incredible from how much you have succeeded within that passion by reaching “maximum level” so to speak.

This is what I want to give to myself. I want to become a stronger and better writer. I want to reach that “maximum level” within myself as a writer.

Even if I only pick up that book which will be in progress every now and then, there is no better time to start a goal than to start now rather than leaving it in the land of possibilities.

So, I will be seeing you every week guys!

Stay safe and happy.

Speak soon,



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