Good morning everyone!

Guess what today is? It’s my birthday! Today I am 21 years old. The first thing I said when it passed midnight this morning was “I’m almost 22 years old!”.
It’s a weird conception, time. We only have 12 months to live our new birth age. 12 months seems a lot less longer than a year – it’s weird.

Anyway, today is great day. New beginnings, new start to the day and it’s a time to pull myself together and power on. It’s cliche to say “a new me”, because the thing is, tomorrow I’m still as likely to leave dishes unwashed for an hour or two and I’m still going to drop something on the floor and do the “10 second” rule. That’s just how life works. You can’t change yourself in a day, but you can change your perspective on your day – and it won’t be long until that becomes second nature.

I have a positive feeling about being 21 years old. It’s a comfortable age. I mean – legally I can go have a beer overseas! I’ve been drinking for years now – but huzzah. I feel as though it’s comfortable because I mentally have felt more mature than 20 years and I struggled with that age label when I was out and about in social situations – people would dismiss my age and think I was too young to hold opinions. Guess what now bitches, I can hold my own opinions! Muahaha!

I plan on using this date as a date I start to follow my dreams and make everything a possibility. This year, I’m making changes. Dreams are coming true from here on. Live life to the fullest.

When you think how we only have 12 months in set stages, when your life is ticking away at every moment – life really is short. We can’t waste time unhappy, we can’t do that to ourselves. Who knows what comes next after this life. Love deeply, dream high, believe truly and have utter faith in yourself and the universe – you can do it.

Happy birthday all you 21’s out there sharing the same date with me – go make dreams a reality. Make changes and promise yourself. No better time to start other than now. 




  1. Happy birthday. Makes you a Taurus. MinoTAUR. King Minos of Crete with the labyrinth below. His wife was seduced by Zeus who appeared as Europa the bull. Minotaur… slain by Theseus with the help Ariadne. Taurus is ruled by Venus (Earth). Happy birthday and kick ass with your studies.

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  2. You are about 13 hours behind us I think. Have a great summer. As a kid our family used to be in London for Wimbledon each year. I was obsessed with the Wombles as a kid. I have grown up into a Paddington bear man though


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