24/7 Motherhood ~ Happy Mothers Day 

Dear mothers,

When was the last time you slept soundly?

When was the last time you thought entirely about your own wellbeing – besides needing to be your 150% best so that your children always have you around?

When was the last time you went to the bathroom and had entire privacy without any interruptions?

When was the last time you were proud of how you have raised your children – instead of feeling like you have failed somewhere along the line?

When did you not feel guilty for doing something for yourself?

Mothers – you go through so much. The journey never breaks. You don’t get time to stop, you are always on the go. You have to remain strong, smiling and not breaking for your children so that they know you are okay. When a mother is down, so are their children. Children rely on mothers reactions to situations and base their next decisions from there. Children lean on their mothers, yet the mother is that wall for them – mothers have no one else to lean on entirely. Mothers trust ends with themselves – no one else is trusted entirely with their little ducklings. No one can do what a mother can do. You aren’t doing it alone – all mothers are unique and special, no matter how alone you feel – you will never be alone. Love surrounds you. Your children will always be there for you.

Mothers: The definition of strength, empowerment, trust. In all, we cannot forget about pure, unconditional love.

No matter who you are, today is your special day. If you are a mother to 12 children who came from your own oven, you are a mother to a child who you borrowed an oven for a few months to cook them just right, you are a father doing both roles, you are a mother to your step children, you are a mother to your children that you were blessed to take into your arms from a place across the world – travelling highs and lows to reach your duckling, or even you are a mother to your fur babies e.g evil kitten sitting across the room or your beautiful puppy who cannot stop giving you kisses today. No matter what form of mother you are, Happy Mothers Day.

Today, my mother is in a different state – but I would like to thank her for all that she has done for me. There were no ends to sacrifices made, her unconditional love radiates from her home to mine today – I hope she can feel mine.

To all those future beautiful mothers out there – your ducklings are thanking you today before they get the chance to verbally voice it. For all the drastic changes you will go through, the hardships and the unbelievable incredible memories you will make – thank you.

To all the mothers watching from above, thank you for the incredible memories you have given to your babies. Your job is never complete, you will forever be there to lean on even from above – your unconditional love spreads positivity and beauty all around.

Happy Mothers Day. What a beautiful title it is, to be called a mother. To all the beautiful life creators in the world – I hope you all have a great day.



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