5 Things To Smile About In The World Today (With Helpful Info!)

[1] More Goes On In Your Brain While You Listen To Music Than You Think


Recent research shows that our brain responds differently to happy and sad music. During studies, participants were more likely to interpret a happy or sad expression to match the tone of music that they heard.
We can understand emotions of a piece of music without actually feeling them. This explains why some of us can feel good after listening to sad music and enjoy it, rather than upset.

It is understood that there are two kinds of emotions related to music, perceived emotions and felt emotions. Not only that, but there are other benefits from listening to music. Music assists in your brain releasing dopamine (this leads to increased feelings of happiness, excitement and joy).

It is also said that music improves sleep, reduces depression, strengthens learning/memory, verbal intelligence, raises IQ and academic performances as well as exercise performance.

[2] Cancer Vaccines Help Patients Get Tumor-Free

New studies showed promising signs in two new case studies. The aim of the Cancer vaccine is intended to direct the individuals own immune system to attack cancer cells.

The study was targeted on those studies who had deadly skin cancer melanoma, and in both studies the tumors completely disappeared in more than half of the patients after given their cancer vaccines. The other patients were given a treatment aimed at further boosting the individuals immune system and the ability to fight the cancer, in which many of those patients had their tumors also disappear.

The wonderful news is that cancers such as brain cancer, ovarian cancer and many others will benefit from this approach, so, thank you science. This is news to bring a smile to many!

[3] Animals Are Amazing!

A free-drivers legs cramped up when returning from the bottom of an arctic pool and began to sink lower while choking – Yang Yun thought that she was going to die.

Yet a Beluga whale named Mila saw what was happening and saved Yang Yun by pushing her up to the surface to the top of the pool, which resulted in saving her life. This is just one of the many recent stories where animals in their natural environments have come through to save many human lives.

Amazing, hey?

[4] Love Isn’t A Coincidence

A WWII veteran dreamed of owning a piece of land at the age of 27 years when he bought 236 acres for $6,000 in Missouri. He had no running water or electricity and when dinner time came and went, he barely remembered to eat from plowing and planting corn for many days on end.

He went to the store to buy some plowshares where he then met a nice lady working behind the counter. He ran into her each week at other places in town, and there was talk from her manager asking her about him.

Days later, the lady and her sister visited his farm to put up some curtains and to show his appreciation he took her for a ride in his 2 and a half tonne Studebaker truck.

They have now been married for more than 62 years.

[5] Time Doesn’t Exist

When you turn away from societies expectations and face nature, even if you are just taking quiet time in your backyard you will see time slows down. Urgency, deadlines and clock time is measured by hours, minutes, seconds – this will all disappear. We have created a “clock like” aspect to our lives, it abandons the natural rhythms of our bodies and this is rooted into our economic system. With this system, this brings “time strain” and stress like emotions.

When you see yourself stressing over how much time we have in life, it is believed life is short – yet take a moment to see how slowly trees grow, think about how long it takes for seedlings to sprout, think about how slow animals graze and how calm they are, think about their natural pace. Think about how slow (it’s pretty fast but I mean down here on earth) the earth orbits and creates what we call night and day. Think about the natural pace of life. Time doesn’t actually exist, we as humans have created it, you aren’t short of time – you are just existing. That is more than enough for you to be.

The universe is such a beautiful thing. When you take time away to think about how fantastic the world is, regardless of the people that are giving you a rough day, and focus the pure beauty and love that the universe has to give, it just makes me excited and I can’t help but smile. Isn’t this universe amazing?



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  1. Fantastic. The vaccine for ovarian cancer was developed on the other side of the wall from my department over several years. One day they called a group of us into the lecture theatre and showed us why we had been fixing their lightbulbs and heating issues for so long…. it was OMG… all this time our workmates we see in the corridor every day and say hi to were doing that?!!!!

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