A Breath Of Fresh Air

Good morning everyone!

Well, well, well. The weekend is coming to an end, it’s nearly the start of a new week.

I start my new job tomorrow so does my fiance.

First time working ever in Melbourne! We are both incredibly anxious but also very excited.

I’ve noticed when you’re without work, the days lose their tracking – I never know what time or what day it is. Time goes without meaning. I miss the structure work can give you. It definitely gives you that “excited” feeling for the weekend and Friday is the best day of the week. I miss that!

We went on a awesome adventure and then we booked a place using AirBNB for today until next Sunday. So we will be close to where we are working.

We went to Boat O’Craigo, Maroondah Reservoir Park and then Mount Donna Buang. I took some photos for y’all too feast your eyes upon.

Boat O’Craigo was a beautiful vineyard, we had delicious wine tasting and bought two fantastic bottles – one white and one red.

The lady was lovely. She actually has her sister in law living close to where my family lives in Sydney and it was nice to hear some stories about that – it made things very nostalgic. I recognise the locations for Sydney, the names are embedded into my mind.

When it comes to Melbourne I don’t even know how to pronounce half of them.

After the vineyard, we went to the reservoir and it was an awesome walk. The amount of beauty there is insane and it’s all a part of the works together – I never knew a reservoir could be so pretty.

We think they were draining it to fix leaks, because it was quite low and all this water was bursting and going somewhere – it was cool to look at. Standing on top of the reservoir and seeing both sides in front of you is creepy but cool – you feel so small in comparison.

We decided to go the way back to the car by the way you weren’t supposed to – it had a closed off sign due to storm damage but we decided to go anyway because we are silly.

Let’s just say we can see why they closed it off.

There were huge, HUGE tree trunks all over the pathway and branches as well. Huge old trees that looked like they had been yanked out of the ground beneath you. We literally did parkour the entire way back.

My fiance slipped on a tree and fell on his bum – that’s gotta hurt. 

After our crazy parkour, we went to a cute cafe on the way to Mount Donna Buang. I ordered some delicious mushrooms on toast with avocado, damn it was delicious. My fiance got a lamb pastry, it tasted like a dessert? Weird. The chips were good – that’s all that counts! Our tea came with cute little glass bottles of milk – I couldn’t not take a photo of it because it was that cute.

The drive up the mountain was daunting and terrifying – that’s the best way to sum it up.

The road was off track and beyond thin that it wouldn’t be able to fit two cars but somehow it is supposed to?! You are literally hanging off of the side of a mountain, the cliff face is right next to you.

We drove while it was raining and foggy – you couldn’t see that far ahead of you and it made the tread on the ground pretty slippy.

We listened to Michael Jackson and whatever oldie but goodies came on the radio as we gradually went further and further up the mountain.

When we got to the top, it was so cold I could barely feel my face. We were going to go up this big metal viewpoint but I went up 3 flights of stairs because I was too scared (I have a fear of heights) and I had to get down – the stairs were see through you could see underneath your feet – bleh! No thank you!

After we got down, we adventured to find the place where you can gather fresh spring water straight from the spring itself. It was fantastic, it was so fresh and it stayed so cold for hours after we poured some into the water bottles.

After that we did a rain forest walk on the way back down from the mountain, it was about 3 minutes and my partner spent the entire time mocking the signs that told you about the place.

He then grabbed a stick and was fighting off the spider webs like a pirate with a hook.

We came back into society after this and went for a pit stop to go to the bathroom then went and got cat food, as you do. Back to my partners parents place we went! His eldest brother came over that night, and we all ate together and had fun before going to the room we are staying in and stayed with our cat.

Social only to cats we must remain.

Anyway, following on from this we have booked our AirBNB to stay in while we are working for the first week. Yesterday we found another house we are a huge fan of. We placed our application in after we inspected so fingers crossed we get it. Fiiiiiingers crossed.

The house number is “13” so let’s get spooky luck please!

We have to pack our suitcases back up and get ready to stay in the city now. Unfortunately we don’t want to uproot our cat once again because he’s already gone through a lot of change the last few days.

We are going to keep him here so he can go straight to his new home once we find it.

Anyway – this is becoming a huge post, I best wrap it up here. I hope you are all doing well!

Speak soon.



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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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