A Wee Little Catch Up

This is the first and last time I will use “wee” in a title, I promise.

How are we all? Are we all well? Today has been a rather interesting one. Interesting in the sense that I no longer have a cat attacking my cursor on the screen and biting at my ankles – my partner and I’s cat has been placed into a cattery up the road (emotional moment – like seeing your child go off to school on their first day) because we need the apartment empty so we can get the carpet cleaners in on Wednesday. /excuse me while I insert a picture of my kitty as I mourn until I get him back

My partner is onto his last day at work tomorrow HALLELUJAH! And then on Wednesday we need to pack up the van – we will be getting the van at 9AM, driving it to our apartment block – unfortunately depending on the size it might not even fit in the underground parking so we will need to find somewhere along the street to plop the van so we can load it. We will be needing to load the entire van to empty the apartment out so that the carpet cleaner can get to werrrrk girl at 2:30PM.

Time is really going fast now, things are starting to happen and it’s all going to be finalized and finished by Thursday night. We are going to be leaving to Melbourne on Thursday, picking up our cat in the morning and dropping the keys off at the real estate agents – then on our way! Did I mention that when we e-mailed our notice of moving out (signed/attached and everything), they told us they don’t accept it via e-mail – it needs to be faxed or hand delivered? So old school! I can’t tell if I love it or not.

My feelings are a mixture between excitement and impatience. I just want to get it all over and done with, I can’t wait to just get out of this apartment. I’ve been going bonkers sitting in here everyday for pretty much a month now with the impending wait of the move, so for it to be in the final last days – it is such a relief. The drive will take about 10 hours we think, but we will need to be pulling over and making pit stops of course, so it could be longer – who knows! It will be fantastic to just get there.

In regards to our packing – it’s been a bit of a mess. We have a lot to get through still, so I might wrap this up here and start wrapping up our possessions instead!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting one, nothing will be working – everything is going to be packed up. Safe to say I think I’ll need to bring my laptop and phone with me to a cafe! I will grab a coffee and pretend to look busy. “I am an important business human, typing away mindlessly at my laptop with a coffee. Doing.. important.. business stuff.” When really I will just be there for their WiFi and company. As you do.

In my prior posts I have completed my “5 Things” daily challenge and also nominated a few bloggers. You don’t need to be nominated to do it, feel free to just grab the challenge and run with it. 🙂

Speak soon guys!



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