Beverage Benefit Friday (BBF)  – Foodies On Board Special! 

Good morning all, 

I hope we are all well. I thought for something fun today we can all use a bit of BBF. 

For BBF this Friday I am covering the benefits of coffee for you all! Yum.

No matter what the weather, hot or cold – coffee is here to be your best friend.

What are the benefits of coffee?


1. Reduces work out pain.

2. Boosts your memory.

3. Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s Disease and Liver Disease.

4. Treats Asthma and those nasty headaches.

5. Reduces risks of Kidney Stones.

6. Assists the prevention of Heart Disease.

7. Assists the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.

8. Reduces the risk of Depression.

9. Kicks risks of Cancer to the curb.


Go put the kettle on! (It all sounds great to me). 

Speak soon, 



      1. Mirror mirror? Does the word mirage (as in the dessert) have something to do with this?
        They have some mad magic systems with those djinns etc…

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  1. This is great!!! Persons need to know the benefits of coffee. Here, in my country, many persons view coffee as bad for one’s health. I am always defending coffee! Lol. I so do LOVE coffee… it is my best friend.

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      1. Beetlejuice… or Betelguese… the brightest star in the constellation Orion. Love ya work Ma’am. Have a great weekend. Go easy on the shocking jokes 😄🤔😘

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