[Chit Chat] Those Flu Blues And Random Findings 

Good afternoon everyone,

The last few days I have been handling the damn flu and I must say, feeling damn sorry for myself the whole time. I have never felt so exhausted – literally, I am so tired I could fall asleep as I’m writing to you all. I have been trying to keep myself awake by watching lots of television and glued to my phone reading the news (By refreshing it every 5 minutes to see if I can catch anything saucy right as it happens – unfortunately not, just our average footballer cheating on their wife or the government retracing their word-steps carefully as to where all their money is disappearing to – who knows!) and most importantly, having in depth conversations with my cat while I wash the dishes I keep magically creating, it goes a little bit like this:

/Blitz jumps up onto the bench

“The water is hot – don’t drink it. It also has dishwashing liquid in it. Do you know what dishwashing liquid is? It’s not good for cats! But then again you don’t even really like water you just like to look at it and run away.. How’s your day been anyway, Blitz? Good? That’s good, you’re such good company.”

While Blitz has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. He’s just wanting to play with the bubbles the dishwashing liquid makes, as well as make me turn the tap on so he can just watch the water and then walk away leaving me there alone. Man, I love my cat. Why do they do this to us?

Anyway – this morning I had to get my partner something from the pharmacy so I thought I may as well grab some cold and flu tablets while I’m there. I got the usual “Are you taking any other medications? Are you allergic to anything? Are you pregnant? Do you like Monopoly? How’s your butthole feeling this lovely Friday morning?” – aka buy me a drink first and then I’ll get talking. I always get worried buying over the counter medications even if it’s just cold and flu tablets – actually, especially cold and flu tablets because the night tablets have codeine in them and I’m worried they think that I will sell them on the black market – I promise you, pharmacy person, I literally have the flu! Don’t judge me for my germish ways!

Anyway – somehow on my way home I felt like I needed to go into the local op shop store, I managed to find some beauties. Seriously, look at Blitz all cranky sharing a tea with me! This is my new zodiac mug that I found today – I saw it and squealed internally, I had to have it! I found other bits and pieces which I’ll just randomly throw along the rest of this post, because, well, why not. Pictures are always fun.

I love, love, love buying mugs from op shops. It’s literally a cheeky pleasure for me, it’s so satisfying because they are so beautiful! I wanted to walk out with all of their kitchen supplies in my arms and run away laughing and smiling out of pure satisfaction for curing my op shop itch.

So yeah, that happened.

I have so many posts that I need to get up and I apologise for the delay – I blame the flu blues! My brain is all fuzzled and cloudy, I’ll be lucky if this posts makes it out aaaallliiivvveeee!


Ideally I pick up a bit later on so I can post up the few that I have been meaning to within the lastcouple of days – if not, assume that the flu has wrapped around me like an octopus. 

Speak soon,





  1. Hope you feel better soon! The flu is so annoying! You could also read a nice book; it’ll help you relax! I love mugs too. I don’t know how many I have! You should rest and drink some tea! That’ll help as well!

    Have a great day!

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      1. Well – let’s start with your favourites! What are your top 3 favourites? Doesn’t matter what genre – but if it makes it easier, fantasy and romance would definitely be my favourite two if I had to choose! Sounds like you are the right person to ask for ideas on what books to read ☺️ Xx

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      2. Top 3, hah? Let’s top about my top 3 book series! 😜 I love the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas because they combine fantasy and romance and a bit of adventure. Also, I recently started reading The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare and I was surprised by how much I liked the two books, considering that The Mortal Instruments series weren’t actually my cup of tea. Though I liked more The Infernal Devices because of the Victorian era. And my very recent discovery was the Nevernight series by Kristoff Jay. Oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot! If you like fantasy and romance and re-tellings you could read Lost in A Book by Jennifer Donnelly. There will be a review on my blog about this particular novel pretty soon.

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      3. OooOooo they sound fantastic! I have to make a trip into a book store asap and grab them – I will be sure to let you know what my thoughts are! It’s always possible to use eBooks but there is nothing better than getting that fresh book smell and turning the pages – ahh 🙂 I love your writing in your reviews, I definitely will become one of your top readers! Xx

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      4. I’ve tried eBooks for a while and they are not the same. I read on Kindle and iBooks mostly novels by indee authors. But the essence of an ACTUAL book is always Devine!
        Oh, thank you! It means a lot! 😁


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