Day 1: 5 Things About Me (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

It’s been quite a long day (me and my brief 20 minute grandma nap – I ruined the Matrix. I woke up forgetting what day it is – “what year is it?!”) and my neck has been a pain since yesterday evening! I think I have been sitting weird on my chair or on the lounge as I binge watch as many YouTube videos and Netflix as I can, a zombie apocalypse could happen at any moment – I need to reach as many weird videos on the weird side of YouTube as I can – how else can I see cats knock off glass cups on benches with gangster rap music in the background?! But back to my neck – I have been heating up my little gel pack and drooling as it warms up my muscle. Mmm, warm gel packs. Have you ever noticed they have a weird distinct smell? Maybe that’s just me. I’m weird.

Anyhoo, I thought what might be fun for my regular readers and myself is to post for 20 days under the topic of “5 things”. These 5 things will be different every day.  I will start off by doing “5 Things About Me” so you can get to know me (if you want to join in feel free to comment 5 things about yourself so I can get to know you too!).

5 Things About Me:

1. I change my hair colour every few weeks.
I’m a natural blonde that dyed their hair when they were 16 years old to a dark brown/black, and then just never stopped. I have been every hair colour under the sun! Reds, pinks, purples, blue (Blue was my favourite) and I could go on forever! Currently I have stuck to my hazelnut brown quite well – so I guess this works!

2. I am tattooed!
My tattoos make me feel, well, me. As soon as I turned 18, I had a tattoo appointment booked and my very first tattoo was on my ring finger of my mothers and I star signs combined – she is a Cancer and I am a Taurus so it works fantastic into a combination that I designed. I remember how great I felt after my first, and then since then it’s become such a deep passion of mine. I think I am finished for now on the tattoo appointments, but I am sure I will gather more throughout my life. Description of what they are:
– 13 on my fingers (alchemy and rune symbols on all fingers and on my ring finger I have my mum and I’s star signs combined)
– On the side of my left hand I have “la lune” (The moon in French)
– On the side of my right hand I have “la soleil” (The sun in French)
– Shakespeare quote around my left wrist “When love speaks, the voice of all Gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”
– Shakespeare quote around my right wrist “Never durst poet touch a pen to write until his ink were temper’d with loves sighs.”
– Venus fly trap and eye of the rose on my left forearm (Venus is my dominant planet within astrology and I love, love, love nature so I quirked it up a bit)
– Shakespeare quote on my left bicep with a sunflower “Constant stars, in them I read such art. As truth and beauty shall together thrive.”
– Rose and raven on my right forearm (symbolizing my mother as ravens are her watchmen and roses her favourite flower)
– Geometrical tree of life piece underneath my right forearm
– Quote made by me with the goddess symbol underneath “Avoir la foi, l’univers est magique” (Have faith, the universe is magic – in French)
– Uchiha clan symbol on my right ankle

3. I have a deep love for gaming! In particular, Assassins Creed.
So for me gaming has always been a thing. I grew up with two brothers, I loved being included in fun gaming weekend mornings with them! Until I spilt my bowl of cereal in our very first Playstation 1! Many tears were shed that day. However, over my years I have treasured gaming in the times I got really involved in what I was playing. A game that has a lot of my heart is definitely Assassins Creed! All of the AC games are fantastic, Ubisoft takes you into an absolute new world and it’s such a fantastic get away in your mind.

4. I love bands.
I grew up listening to all sorts of music e.g. Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson straight through to Destiny’s Child! I love all varieties of music however my love will always lay with metal music. My partner at the moment has been showing me some great bands, give Dark Tranquility a go if you want to listen to some fantastic music.

5. I love writing – most preferably blogging.
I have such a love for writing, especially blogging because it has such a large variety on what you can get creative with. Whether it is lifestyle, health, fashion, travel – anything! I love that you can reach out to people and have that mental understanding that forms a bond. You get your regular readers, your surrounding community – it is so motivating and inspiring. I love the passion that stems off from other bloggers and encourages you to continue your growth. I love writing, it’s such a fantastic creative outlet.

That’s it for now. I hope you got a bit of an insight about me – stay tuned for my next 5 things tomorrow!



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