Day 10: 5 Favourite Celebrities (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

How are we all going today? Superb? Awesome. I visited my mum this afternoon and I ended up leaving with a badass oversized hoodie – somehow I make this happen even when I don’t live with her anymore. I have a weird thing where everyone else’s clothing is better than mine and I usually just end up wearing my partners clothes because mine is usually boring. Especially my mum, I have no idea but I always end up with her cardigans and jumpers. She finds it weird – but I just say eh, let it happen. (Sliding one of her cardigans towards me in slow motion) I have sticky fingers. Help.

I’m on the train writing this so excuse ma shite brain waves. I’m distracted by a lady eating grapes. They look delicious.

So today for my 5 things, I’m going to be writing about my 5 Favourite Celebrities. This is a broad thing, and I have absolutely no reason for liking them other than movies I’ve seen them in. Celebrities don’t do much other than be unrealistically attractive. #truthhurts

1. Ethan Hawke.
Purely because he is fantastic at acting, he has it down pat! Every movie that I see Ethan Hawke in I am amazed.

Movie to recommend: Before Sunrise.

2. Winona Ryder.
She’s just badass all round. Especially in the 90s, she was literally everything I wanted to look like. No one can pull off short bobs like Winona!

Movie to recommend: Reality Bites.

3. Jim Carrey.
He cracks me up – his films bring so much joy into my life, they can transform my entire day from a shitty day to a great day. I really, really enjoy him.

Movie to recommend: Liar, Liar.

4. Keanu Reeves.
Besides the fact that Keanu never ages – he is a damn good actor. I love pretty much any film he is in, even the weirder side of movies that he has been in. I just really enjoy watching his performances.

Movie to recommend: The Matrix.

5. Brandon Lee.
Brandon Lee has an incredible story, how in love he was and how that transpired into his film The Crow (the last film he ever created) with the role being such a “true love” based film, it just really touched me.

Movie to recommend: The Crow.

That is it for today!

I apologize for the late post, I got a wee bit carried away with the afternoon. I wrote this earlier this afternoon and then.. yeah.. food happened. It’s Friday, what can I say? I had a Irish Creme drink out on the balcony with my partner this evening and my cat went a bit psycho and was hanging off of the top of my computer chair peeking through the blinds confused as to why we weren’t inside giving him attention. It’s kind of sad being so close to the city though, you miss out on seeing the stars because the city is so awake. I can’t wait to see the stars again.

Anyway, to make up for my couple hour late posting, I thought my Joke Of The Day was hilarious – I hope you all enjoyed it. Tomorrow is even better though!

I’ll see you all tomorrow with another of my “5 Things”. Don’t forget my Joke Of The Day either – it’ll rock your socks off. Maybe even a bit of “rolling on the floor laughing” will be in order. Maybe… just maybe. One day, one day I will reach that.

So on that note – I hope you all have a fantastic FRIYAY!



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