Day 11: 5 Favourite TV Series (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys!

It’s been quite a badass Saturday as of yet. My partner and I finally got our PlayStation Plus subscriptions up and running, and we also purchased For Honor to play multiplayer with. We also stocked up on delicious food, my partner couldn’t resist getting chocolate hot cross buns – so breakfast tomorrow will be a exciting one! We are going to get through some packing today and tomorrow as well – but it’s nice to have a bit of a relaxing/fun day so far. It’s beautiful weather to do so. I hope all of your Saturdays are off to a great start too!

Today for my 5 Things is 5 Favourite TV Series! This is also an easy one, I binge watch so many TV series that my quote references are getting out of hand.

1. IT Crowd.
IT Crowd is such a funny series, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. The humor is something that you can relate to – so it’s a nice balance and the episodes suck you right in. It’s the latest TV series that I have watched, and I wish they had more episodes because I really enjoyed it.

2. Black Books.
Black Books is the best! It’s similar to IT Crowd for me in the sense that I wish they had more episodes, I could watch the series over and over. I couldn’t get sick of it. I watched it in a really important time in my life, so for me it has nostalgic feelings and fantastic humor. I love it.

3. Little Britain.
Little Britain is just hilarious – all of the episodes have me in stitches. I love it. The actors are so well done, they really make you laugh – it’s fantastic. I highly recommend it if you need a good laugh.

4. Game Of Thrones.
I haven’t kept up to date with Game Of Thrones, but I reaaaally enjoyed watching it and it was quite the ol’ TV series addiction for me. So was The Walking Dead, but GOT definitely beats The Walking Dead for me. Just because Game Of Thrones is incredibly well made. It’s a bit crude, but it’s fantastically done. I really takes you into the mind frame and you can’t wait to continue onto the next episode.

5. Sex And The City.
This is my guilty pleasure, I love Sex And The City so much! It gets me into the space of fashion and glamour, I love that it can do that. Carrie is a great character, she has the apartment and the writing aspect about her with the love for fashion and cosmos. I love it so much. I could binge watch the entire box set and feel like a fabulous woman afterwards that wants to go put on all the heels and go drink cosmos. But, that disappears quickly. Haha. It’ll always be an old fave.

There we have it!

If you like any of these, or haven’t heard of these series – I definitely recommend having a look into them. They are personal favourites of mine, and each individually has fantastic memories tied to them. They are all worth watching in their own ways. It’s fantastic that we can have these accessible to each and everyone of us, that we can escape reality for a while and just enjoy a great show. I love it.

Enjoy your Saturday – my Joke Of The Day will be posted up soon, keep your eyes out for it!



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