Day 12: 5 Favourite Foods (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

Today has been a bloody fantastic Sun-yay. Yesterday evening my partner and I took apart the bed frame and put it out the front of the apartment building – we didn’t think anyone would take it so quickly, we forgot to bring out the legs and bits and pieces of the bolts (lolololol, fail) and so this morning when we were on our way to the park (probably one of the last times we will see it before we leave to move interstate) and we brought down the legs and bolts – only to see it’s already been taken by someone. Oops indeed. Well, they are going to be really disappointed – sorry person who took it! We left them out the front though, so if they come back they will see another present. Haha. Anyway, we bought a cheap small loaf of bread and fed the ducks, geese and many other cute birdies. What was awesome about this is that when we were feeding the birds, 3 geese decided they wanted to be absolutely adorable and came right up to our legs and were demanding attention and food. They literally ate from our hands, sometimes they nipped at our fingers but it didn’t hurt (thankfully), their little bellies rubbed on my legs and damn they were so silky! It was the best experience, I’ll never forget it. It’s been playing in my mind all day since this morning, it was just such a happy and special moment for us. It’s not everyday you get to hand feed geese. Nature can really perk you up.

We also have been crazily obsessed with For Honor – damn is it a good game! If you are looking at getting it, please do get it. You won’t regret it. The characters are fantastically done – I recommend Mercy if you want a badass female character who really does great damage. She doesn’t heal well though, so she’s not for an easy play! It’s recommended as medium play.

Anyway – We all know that I’m a foodie! Today for my 5 Things I will be covering my 5 favourite foods. I have so many favourite foods but I have to pick 5, so bear with me. The best thing about life is the great food you can have.

1. Homemade chicken soup! (Sorry for any vegans out there)
We usually buy a whole chicken, and it can last us literally up to a week. We made all kinds of different meals with it, however my favourite meal would be the homemade chicken soup. When we are carving up the meal we generally cook the bones and what not to get all of the meat off of it – so we avoid carving off too much off so the bones have a good portion on there, then we remove the bones afterwards once the soup is cooked.

x A whole chicken
x 2 cubes of vegetable stock (salt reduced)
x 2 potatoes cut up into baby squares
x 1 big sweet potato cut up into baby squares
x 1 onion
x 2 cups of boiled water
x 2 teaspoons of garlic from a jar or however many garlic cloves you want to use
– Dash of chilli
– Handful of mushrooms cut up into slices
– Oregano (as much as you want)
– Pepper (as much as you want)
– Rosemary (if you want)
– Handful of cut up carrot
– Handful of peas
– Handful of corn

For the vegetables (carrot, peas and corn) I usually just use frozen vegetables that boil in the soup. To be honest, it’s literally just a random soup that you can chuck literally whatever you want in there. It’s tasty and serves us a decent amount of days worth of soup! We are trying to save money, so we found this soup a money saver. It may not be your cup of soup – but it’s definitely ours. It tastes amazeballs.

2. Ravioli.
Omnomnomnom – I love ravioli so much. It hurts me how delicious it is. When the sauce is all delicious, and you bite into the delicious ravioli and it all just melts into such a delicious taste. Oh god, help me.

3. Vegemite toast.
Basic as – but nothing beats Vegemite toast in the morning. MmmmmMmmMMmmMmmm, Australians favourite!

4. Lasagna.
My mum makes the best lasagna – pretty sure you can hear every person say that in the back of your mind, but honestly, you don’t know what good lasagna is until you try my mums homemade lasagna! Mm-MMM!

5. Scones.
I’m lame, but homemade scones are really damn good. Make sure you have them with strawberry jam and cream! Nothing can go wrong!

That’s my top 5 – I’m really lame, but, they are all delicious! Let me know if any of these top 5 are yours as well, maybe this means we can be best friends.

I don’t know why I only gave ingredients for the soup, maybe it’s because it’s made so regularly I know the ingredients just by writing at the top of my head with my partners input – but if you want ingredients for the others just let me know. The Vegemite toast is a hard one, I might need some time to get to you on that one.

Speak soon! I hope you all liked my Joke Of The Day – that one was a bit of a lame joke, not that they all haven’t been – but that was EXTRA special.



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