Day 14: 5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hello blogging land!

I just got back from my morning/early afternoon adventures today. One of my brothers came down to the city before his shift at work and we grabbed some delicious noms and adventured into the aquarium. Now, I’m all for animals being in their natural habitats (the tanks are NEVER big enough), but it doesn’t make it any less special being able to be up close to animals you would never get a chance to see in your lifetime.

I really, really enjoyed my time with my brother. I won’t be seeing him before I leave to Melbourne, it was quite a special visit! Obviously I will visit in future, but it was nice to have one on one time with him. He and I usually don’t speak often, so it was really nice. I took a fab video of one of the tanks that is filled with jellyfish – they have a funky light that makes the jellyfish change colours. I thought you all would like to see how amazing it turns out. The video is placed below for y’all to gaze upon!

I can’t make the video smaller I apologize – I mean, I’m excited to show y’all but I would make it smaller if I could. Soz. I was pretty proud of that video, not going to lie here. Such quality, much pretty.

Just putting it out there – walking around the city is never fun. There are far too many people for my liking. I’m happy sitting at my desk with my music and cat, being the hermit I am. No people pls.

So today for my “5 Things”, it’s a rather interesting one! 5 reasons why I have started blogging, buckle up guys. It’s about to get emotional.

1. Social circle sit-u-aye-shon.
I choose not to open myself up to people around my location. I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr – anything along those lines. My only form of online activity is on WordPress and I have a Snapchat to use silly filters to my family/my partner. I don’t feel comfortable opening myself up beyond that, sometimes my WordPress makes me uncomfortable only because you can’t have much control on who gets to see what you write – it’s a positive that it’s opened to anyone and everyone who needs to read the content you have put out there, whether it is advice or something useful – but with that comes the negative backlash. You can’t do much about that if you choose to put your content out there, which I do. So, on that note, because I don’t have a social circle surrounding me, I feel like I get a lot of fun interaction on my WordPress, I get to socialize with other bloggers if I want to but I can also choose not to. It’s not in your face, I prefer it. I blog for the reason that I can choose how I want to interact, and I love it. It works for me.

2. I struggle with feels.
I don’t like to talk about much of how I feel, but with blogging I can release it in a way that I am comfortable with or release my emotions into a topic that matters to me. I love that. Blogging can be really therapeutic.

3. Writing is my creative outlet.
I don’t paint, I don’t do much that helps with my creative side. I used to find enjoyment just strumming away at a guitar having no clue what I was doing (my family found it funny) – but it was still creative for me. I gave drawing a go, I sucked at it. Stick figures is the life I lead. Then I found writing, when I made a blog years ago and got around to writing on it, I realized how awesome it was. If I couldn’t sleep, I would blog away at the crazy hours of the night and it was creative for me. It’s a fantastic outlet that works for me.

4. I like helping people.
Sometimes when I blog about certain topics I feel like I am writing something that I wish I could stumble across if I needed it. It’s a feeling of being able to mentally channel advice and assistance into that really makes blogging feel good for me.

5. I enjoy talking, as simple as that.
When I blog I can hear the voice in my head rambling along and I am merely typing what that voice tells me to type, it’s like being a dictator for the voice that I hear as I talk. My blogging is literally me just talking and writing down what I am talking about. I enjoy doing it. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking of things to say, and the blog post ends up massive.

That’s about it for my 5 things for today, it’s getting closer to the end of my self created challenge – I will have to nominate some of you and keep up to date with your posts to keep this challenge alive! I will need to brain storm some other daily posts to come up with. I enjoy writing daily, I love ticking off the posts as I do them in the notes on my phone. It’s a little system that I have going.

Anyway, I have heaps of chamomile tea to keep me going. More posts are to come for today, lots to talk about!

P.s. Don’t forget to watch the jellyfish video, 3, 2, 1, go!



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