Day 16: 5 Things That Have Stuck With Me (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

Today for my “5 Things” I will be discussing 5 things that have stuck with me. This is a very broad topic, this can be people that have stuck with me, memories that have stuck with me or life experiences that have made a ‘sticking’ impact on my thought process. This can be things that have changed me, anything!

I feel like a lot of things stick with me, people and situational. The good and the bad, it’s all a part of shaping you into you.

1. My family.
When I was growing up my family and I were so close that we called ourselves “the awesome foursome” and this was my mum, my two eldest brothers and myself. We made do with what we had, and that’s all that mattered. A memory that sticks so strongly in my mind is when my mum would scrap up some coins (she was a single working mum raising 3 young children – every dollar counted) and she would take us up the road on a weekend when it was rainy to buy hot chips and some Pokemon cards for my brothers and I. I LOVED when it rained, that was our little plan we had. I loved it. Best memories.

2. The moment I first saw my partner.
Now, this ties with when he proposed – but the moment I first saw him is just as important to me because it was the moment my life pin pointed and changed in a split second. I remember when we first made eye contact, I instantly smiled. I felt gooey inside. It’s weird because it felt like I had been anticipating that moment for my entire life – as crazy as that sounds. I was just WAITING for him. It felt like when I first saw him that the wait was over, it’s insane to think about. I can’t explain the feeling. It’s stuck with me ever since. It’s such a crazy feeling.

3. Making that step of moving out of home.
Moving out of home really shapes you, it’s when you throw yourself into the deep end and have to learn how to swim up to the air on your own. Once you learn how to do it, no one can teach it to you anymore. It’s a fascinating situation and one hell of a story. Moving out at 18 years old was a bit too young, and I probably wouldn’t do it again if I got the opportunity to do it all over. I really wasn’t ready, especially financially. I was very immature with my money. But moving out of home has definitely stuck with me and shaped who I am today. I learned a lot by myself, I grew close with myself and became my own best friend. I know when shit goes down, I am capable of looking after myself. Go me.

4. Blogging.
Blogging grounds me, in the craziest way I really do believe blogging has stuck with me. I remember nights when I very first started blogging just bits and pieces here and there at crazy hours of the night/morning and it just made me feel great. It became a steady grounding for me, it’s not like social medias out there – it’s nothing like anything at all. It’s going to stick with me for ideally a long damn time. 

5. The moment I finished education.
I will never forget the moment I got out of the hell hole of the educational system. I was free, I was free to become my own. I removed contact from absolutely everyone and dropped off of the face of the earth – best decision I ever made. Finishing it all stuck with me because it showed me that you can accomplish things that seem unimaginable to you. Like for example, I never saw myself growing older and being the age I am now. I can’t see myself growing old in my 80s – watch me achieve it.

I will be blogging further this afternoon – I have lots to talk about!

Speak soon.



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