Day 18: 5 Reasons To Be Happy (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

inner-happinessGood morning everyone!

Today is a fantastic day – the sun is shining and smiles are all around for this beautiful Saturday. My partner and I have a lot of great plans for today, the loungeroom is going to begin getting packed up! We are starting to get to the end, or shall I say the beginning – of the time before we leave!

I had more hot cross buns this morning – pls send help the diabeetus is sinking in.

Today for my 5 Things (two more days left!) is 5 reasons to be happy. Now, I don’t want this to be about 5 reasons for ME to be happy – I want this to be broadened and 5 reasons for us all to be happy. I want to bring you all up to the fresh air with me.

1. Love.
A reason to be happy is to feel love and to love in return. The strongest emotion we all have, which whales have an immense about of and feel billion times stronger than us – is love! We have the ability to love so deeply and selflessly. I think that is my favourite thing about being alive. There is no greater feeling than love.

2. The sunshine.
Getting out into the open air, open skies with nothing separating you from mother nature other than your own skin is absolutely fantastic. Sometimes when technology gets too much, or you just need to clear your mind – going outside being within the branches of the trees with the sun peering through and the sound of birds fluttering around above you, it can be very soothing.

3. You are here, right now.
Regardless of what is happening in your life, a reason to be happy is that you are in fact here – right now. You are alive, you are a part of this world and you get to be here right at this very moment. Go stretch your legs, give someone you love a call – if you are missing someone, go see them. Don’t waste time stewing over something that doesn’t matter, every moment counts. A positive mind frame is the best thing you can do for your health, more than any diet can give you! Happy mind, happy life.

4. You are you.
You being you, with your pure innocence and creative mind. You are capable of surviving through the hardest of times, you are stronger than you think. You can give someone the patience, the care, the attention and the support that they need. You can give people more than they could ever imagine. You are a great person, you don’t need to hold all the hurt and the pain anymore – if you release all of your negativity and spread your positivity you could create so many more happier lives in this world. There is no greater accomplishment than assisting others to better themselves and have smiles on their faces. You are capable of unimaginable beautiful things, keep being you – it’s more than you could ever need.

5. Music.
Music is a fantastic reason to be happy. No matter how you are feeling, if you find yourself a new favourite song or listen to old favourites – it can be mood changing in seconds. Music is motivating, invigorating and soul fulfilling. Don’t underestimate musics power, it really is the most powerful therapeutic option that we have in our lives. Even mother nature listens to music, they have done numerous tests of seeing plants growth with different music genres and their growth differences were outstanding. Link example here.

Anyhoo – that is it for my 5 Things today! I will be getting stuck into some packing, but there will be further posts this evening. Stay tuned my pretties!

Speak soon.



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