Day 19: 5 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25 (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Good afternoon guys,528917900

I hope we are all doing well! Today my partner and I went to visit my family for the last time before I relocate to Melbourne, it was a longggg train ride out of the city but the visit was worth it! Mum made her delicious homemade lasagna and I got to swap birthday gifts for my dad and Easter treats. It got a bit emotional by the end when I was saying see you again soon to my mum, but I bought her a fluffy light pink blanket because she loves blankeys in Winter and I hope it’ll bring her some comfort if she misses me. It makes it hard when it comes to moving in terms of family, I have always been close with my family and I hope that doesn’t change. I will try my best to let it not to. On the train back, it was a “listen to music and think” kind of time, I got to look out the window and see all the memories crash through in my mind and it was nice to close off that chapter of my life. The last few weeks have been giving me lots of closing off to memories and general anxieties I usually have tied to running into people that I know and what not. It’s nice to know it’s coming to the end and I can hit “continue” on my life and settle into my new job that I start on the 1st of May and my new home which is awaiting discovery! I’m looking forward to calling a place home and genuinely feel comfortable in my location and start my journey.

For this post, I think it would be appropriate to do my 5 Things tied to this topic – “5 Things That I Want To Do Before I Turn 25”. For starters, I hope to hit the age of 25 years healthy and safely. I hope to have a long healthy life ahead of me. Just thought I would add that as a side note. (touch wood)

1. Settle into a job that I am content in.
I don’t have anything that I want to aspire for other than my blog, other than that a job is just a job and I hope I have a steady secure income and a job I don’t pull my hair out going to every day.

2. Have at least one kid, either on the way or already have one running around.
I’m a family kinda ‘gal, so I hope by 25 years I have a child or one on the way.

3. Been to England.
By 25 years I hope to have traveled to England, that would be amazing. I want to have memories in my mind of another country floating around in my mind, that would be incredible. I can’t imagine what that is like.

4. Good savings.
I hope to have good savings by 25 years obviously, that would be fantastic to have a nice saving account sitting there if anything needs to be done or emergencies. Again, touch wood!

5. Be settled in a long term relationship.
Obviously I hope to be with my partner that I am with now, I don’t know who wouldn’t dream of being with their current partner for long term/indefinitely – but I genuinely do hope I am with my partner and we are both settled and going along our merry way together.

That is my 5 things for now! Tomorrow is my last day – in my last day post I will be discussing how I will be doing my nomination for fellow bloggers to trial the “5 Things” and get their followers to know more about them, or even just to give themselves a daily posting challenge which is a bucket load of fun.

I’m going to tie this up here, I will aim to catch up with you all later this evening and give you a general update on how things are and any interesting topics that come to mind! We got through a load of packing yesterday and tonight is my cats last night in the apartment before he goes to a cattery while we get carpets cleaned and hand the keys in! But I will let you all know more soon.

See you soon everyone!




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