Day 2: 5 Things I Cannot Live Without (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

Today is another day to post up my “5 Things”. My partner and I have been doing a lot of planning for our big move! The rental truck is booked, cattery is booked (so my cat isn’t freaking out as we load the truck up) and our notice is in to the landlord! What a big productive day. Now that I have Netflix on and my cat snuggled up by my toes, I can sit down and talk with you all. I’m really enjoying writing to you guys lately. My blog is a constant for me, it’s the best feeling to have.

So for my “5 Things” today, today is 5 Things I Cannot Live Without. I don’t want to do the stereotypical aspect, which is of course: Food, water, a roof over my head, my soul mate, my cat and my family. Because they would be first points of necessities. So, excuse my materialism! I have had a thought about specific objects within my usual routines.

The list begins:

1. My phone. (iPhone 6S Plus – White)
My phone goes everywhere with me, I use it to speak with my partner/family, order groceries, check my e-mails, blog, check the weather – everything! I even get hooked on phone games, what is life? I have such an attachment to my phone, I don’t even have social media to be checking – just my little habits and I love it that way! 

2. Sunrise – every morning on the TV. (Channel 7 from 7:00AM) 
My routine is every time that I wake up on the weekday, I turn on my telly to Sunrise. Then I go make breakfast for my partner and I, and we sit down with our coffees and eat some breakfast. It’s a routine that I have fallen into, without it my morning is in all sorts. I love starting my morning off with Sunrise, it’s my catch up on what is happening in the world and it also just feels comfortable and helps me feel at ease.

3. My specific cups!
I love my specific cups at the moment, I have my white IKEA mug for my morning coffees and then I have my quirky tea cup that says “kool kats” – the spelling makes it all the cooler. I definitely am a person for tea, coffee, all the drinks! So I love that I can have my two special cups that feel homely. It wouldn’t be the same without it. 

4. My throw blanket.
Something that I have found a new obsession with is my throw blanket that my partner and I received from my parents for Christmas from IKEA. Somehow, I have claimed it for my own. I drag it around everywhere with me, back and forth from my computer to the lounge and even into the kitchen. When I put it into the wash I mourn it’s disappearance from my life!

5. Spotify.
Spotifyyyy! Music these days is so accessible, you can so easily find new albums and discover those new favourite artists just by a quick search or “related artists”. I love being able to access my music so easy, on any device. I couldn’t be without my music.

That is it for my “5 Things”! I will be putting up a new post tonight on an interesting topic that I would like to chat with you guys about, don’t forget to check back here later this evening!



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