Day 20: 5 Aims For My Blog And Why (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Last day on DaySixtyFive “5 Things” daily challenge today!

Hey guys,

As written at the top of this post – it’s my last day for my 5 Things. It’s been a fantastic journey, it’s been a daily goal that I have set everyday – something to get me through the rough process of being made redundant and settling into the change of moving states. I timed this perfectly, so that tomorrow following through to Friday will be a big couple of days – given that a lot will be happening in the next couple days that I will fill you in with in my next

So, it’s bittersweet to finish this! I’m glad that I will be able to not feel guilty if I were to not manage to get a daily post up for my 5 Things – but I’m also sad that I won’t have a daily set goal for my blog! I will always have the Joke Of The Day etc. but it’s been nice having a thing helping you all to get to know me on another level. I will be sure to create further daily challenges in future!

Please note I will be posting up next my nominations for my favourite bloggers to try giving “5 Things” a go!

For today, I wanted to end my “5 Things” series on a light note. Today is 5 aims for my blog and why! I thought that this would be a nice topic because I have a lot of aspiration for this blog, I have a overwhelming love for blogging and it’s something that I hold close to me on a deep, deep personal level. I get very protective of my blog, but it’s only because I love it so much. It’s pretty much my baby.

1. Inspire people.
My most important aim is that I want to inspire others. I want my writing to reach people on a level of understanding and pull them above the water, to help them see clearly and have that gentle push in the right direction.

2. Be that “sign”.
I want to be the sign for people, if someone is looking for a sign to do something or to not do something – I want to be that light bulb above their head that jump starts their decision process.

3. Become a morning routine.
Like I mentioned in my prior post, how people have those morning routines where they check their social media – I want people to get away from social media and go open my blog and read. I want people to come to me and want to know what I have written or what kind of things are available for them. For example, I want someone to be excited to see my “Joke Of The Day” or be excited for Mondays because I have my “Motivating Quote Monday”. I don’t know, it would be a nice feeling.

4. Grow bonds with my regulars.
As anti-social as I am, I would love to have a friendly bond with my regular readers. I want people to know they can reach out to me if need be, and that I will always be there for them if they are in need in internet space land.

5. Watch DaySixtyFive grow.
I want to watch DaySixtyFive grow into it’s own, I want to see my page develop it’s own feel to it, it’s own existence. I want to see DaySixtyFive become it’s own island that I just write on. I would love that.

These aren’t unattainable goals. I am a firm believer that if you see success, it will come to you. You need to be prepared to put in continual hard work and effort, but one day it will come a time that you look back and can’t even believe how far you have come.

I will speak with you all soon on a little catch up in my world as well as posting up nominations! I hope you are all having a great Easter break.




  1. Hey Jess,

    I just binge read your entire blog (needless to say with all the notifications that you would have got 😛 ). I had slept early last night and was up at 5 AM today and I have been reading all your posts since then. (Yes, I am on Facebook but I checked WordPress first) Loved all the ‘Daily Postings For 20 Day’ posts and I can say without a doubt you’re an amazing person and an amazing writer as well. 🙂 After reading all those posts, it feels special to find my name in your nomination. Thanks again!

    I share your views in all your posts. I can’t remember a single post where I would have thought differently. I would love to take the 20 days challenge, but just like you, I don’t open up to everyone. I would love to share the posts (exclusively) with you though if that’s okay with you over emails. I would completely understand if you’re not okay with it.

    Lastly, I wish you all the happiness in your life. May you and your partner (I don’t think you have mentioned his name anywhere 🙂 ) find whatever that you’re looking for in Melbourne. 🙂

    Sorry for this really long comment. But I do that when I am overwhelmed. 😛
    Apologies. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I noticed every single notification! I’m currently cleaning away in my apartment and it kept dinging at every like! It was so kind of you, thank you very much – I really appreciate it. I genuinely got shocked that you actually took your time reading my posts, I almost can’t believe it! I would love to see you do the daily challenge via email, feel free to reach me on: ☺️ Thank you so much for your sweet wishes, I hope for the same for you on your journey as well. I’m looking forward to reading and finding out more about it. Ahhh, you have completely lightened my day. I hope you can see that, I’m terrible at expressing my excitement! All I can type is “ahhhh” and hope you can understand. Haha. 😜 I hope you are having a fantastic day and that you aren’t too exhausted!

      Liked by 1 person

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