Day 3: 5 Things I Can Live Without (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

So we heard back from the real estate agents today, apparently you can’t hand notice of vacating a property by email – it still has to be done in person! At least we still haven’t gotten that far with technology in society. Old school when they choose to be – nice. So, I met my partner by his work and he lent me an iPad (best thing about having a partner in IT is that you get all the cool gadgets) so that I can sit and blog while I wait for it to hit after 1PM then we will go and hand the notice in together and hopefully it all goes well! It’s 11:45AM at the moment, I have had some sushi and soup – ready for the next hour to fly by. I also purchased a Fiji Water, you can bet I chose it because the packaging of the water is so damn cute. 

Time to write my “5 Things” for today! Today is “5 Things That I Can Live Without”, yesterday I wrote about what I couldn’t live without so I thought I would mix it up and do what I could live without. Obviously I could live without illnesses and not winning the lottery. So I’m going to mix it up and do what I did yesterday – take it to a real level and be a bit materialistic! First world problems coming right up with a side dish of awesome.

5 Things That I Can Live Without:

1. When you are streaming something and it gets to an awesome point of the movie/episode/song and it stops – or it jolts and pauses non stop so you can’t watch properly. Oooommmmggggg, can I get an amen? Like, damn streaming just let me unhealthily binge watch whatever I want. Why do you have to kill the buzz? 

2. How quickly fresh vegetables and fruit expire (“go off”). I honestly feel like I spend so much money on fresh vegetables and fruit (yes I may purchase too much in one go) that by the time I even chip into it they are off and I need to go buy more – constant money wasteage up in here! It’s not a waste obviously because it is healthy and needed in a diet, but damn son – how long are these fruit and veg sitting in stores for? I can’t wait to grow my own!

3. This “hippy” generation in society. I don’t want to sound like an oldie, but honestly what is wrong with these kids? They are going to festivals, smoking a lot more than just weed – it’s like they’re smoking each other’s butt hairs and using tax payers money to have a living while selling beads on thread or fake crystals to pass on their spiritual journey to one another – such a successful business that is! Stop fighting society, it doesn’t make you any better of a person. Some of the greatest people you will ever meet have no personal life because they are too busy dedicating their lives to ensure they can support their families and their families follow their dreams. I can definitely live without these kinds of assholes. Life doesn’t stop just because you want to smoke weed and listen to music and do nothing with your life. If you are so open minded, stop closing your mind off to the way the world needs to function. 

4. People that get into your personal bubble. I don’t know about you guys, but when people are very touchy and feely when I’m not comfortable with them it really grinds my gears. I love being a happy go lucky kind of person, but I have so much social awkwardness in social settings that I genuinely can’t reach out to people like they do. For example, when people that you don’t know that well or haven’t seen in a while and they come straight up to you and give you a huge hug or those people that like grab you by the shoulder – bleh. No thank you – let me be in my socially awkward bubble and call it a day!

5. Two faced bastards! Rehhhh! I see too many of these kinds of people in my day to day life, for example just walking from the store to work or just to the apartment – you hear people that are like “OH MY GODDDDD, HI!” and will have a brief meeting with someone then walk away and say to their friend “Ugh, did you see-” and then will go on a bitching fit about that person. Why just not say hi – or leave it and a smile and wave and keep going on with your day? People, these days. * insert massive sigh here *

Well – yep! I get on a bit of a roll when I rant. I’m passionate when I set my mind to something that I don’t like – but keep in mind, not everyone dislikes and likes the same things. 

Like usual, I’ll be posting up another topic in a blog post tonight to give you some variety. Stay tuned for that!



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