Day 4: 5 Pet Peeves (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Good morning/afternoon everyone!

The weekend has finally arrived – hallelujah. Today my partner will be making a delicious chicken soup – nom! We need to go up the road to get some vegetables to put in the soup, hopefully we get a lottttt of mushrooms because they are my favourite right now. I can’t get enough cute baby mushrooms, mmm. We also will be making a start on our packing by sorting through our clothes today. I really want to get minimalist with this move and just bring essentials, my partner has a wee tendency to keep lots of things!

So while we wake up with our morning coffees, and our crazy cat that loves climbing all over our computer desk and knock whatever he can get his paws on off of the table – I will do my daily posting of “5 Things”!

5 Pet Peeves:

1. Inconsiderate people on public transport.
Such a huge pet peeve for me, which I have mentioned in one of my blog posts earlier last month is when people don’t give up their seats for elderly, pregnant women or people in need (disabilities, parents with prams etc.) – I find it the rudest situation and I feel it really puts us back as a community because respect is lost.

2. Credit card surcharges.
Honestly, this is the most basic situation – there is no need for credit card surcharges (AMEX is kind of understandable) but really if you are purchasing a bottle of milk and they want to charge you a surcharge because it is under $5.00 or whatever, come on. Greedy bastards.

3. Inconsideration in public restrooms.
I hate, hate, hate public restrooms where people don’t flush the toilet after usage. Or they put soap EVERYWHERE on the basins, graffiti, or toilet paper thrown all over the floor, women products not even placed away in the bins – ugh. People can be so disgusting, it’s just embarrassing.

4. When people don’t rinse/soak sticky food e.g. porridge.
Huge pet peeve! When sticky pots or bowls aren’t rinsed/soaked and it makes it impossible to clean! You can only spend so long scrubbing before it gets personal. Haha.

5. Swearing/loud talking on public transport when children/elderly are around.
I just realized a lot of this has to do with public scenarios, oops. But, my last and final pet peeve is when – again – on public transport there are large groups of people swearing and being loud/obnoxious around young children or elderly. I find it disrespectful, and I would like to give them a slap on the back of the head (Not really, social anxiety waddup). This goes for people on the phone as well, no one wants to hear your conversation! .. But I can’t believe Billy did that, omg. What happened next?

That’s my 5 pet peeves for today, like usual, I will be posting later this afternoon. Stay tuned for that!

Now – off to the grocer to grab noms for some delicious homemade soup!



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