Day 6: 5 Things On My To Do List (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a lovely start to your week. Today has been a bit of an exhausting one, I managed to pack up majority of the apartment into their boxes and the only thing stopping me from continuing on was that I ran out of bubble wrap. I need to travel up the road to the post office and grab more bubble wrap, then it shall be time to attack the kitchen. Absolutely knackered from today though – I think I’m getting old, my back hurts and I don’t know what to do with myself!

I’ve got my chamomile ready, it’s time to write my 5 things for today! Today is, 5 things on my to do list. Obviously this isn’t my daily check list, which includes my shopping list and what not.

1. Finally get to Melbourne and find a cute townhouse to call home!
I am so, so, so excited to move to Melbourne. It has been a dream of mine for years, since I was in school. I always wanted my family and I to move to Melbourne, my dad has family down there and I always wanted him to take me with him when going down there but I was too young at the time. I visited there in 2015 and absolutely loved it, when I flew back in to Sydney and was in the taxi from the airport – I remember looking out the window with a frown on my face wishing I was in Melbourne. So, to be able to move there and find my home – ugh. Dream come true.

2. Find my calling.
I’m sure all of us want to find our true calling, our place in the world and what makes us ‘us’. I’m gathering bits and pieces, but I can’t wait until I find that certain thing that just feels right and sits well with me. I’m talking more in the career world, my goal would be writing – I will continue on that path, but in the mean time to pay off the bills I would love to find that nice snug fit and feel settled. In my personal life, I would love to find my calling in who I am and find that peace with myself – I don’t think we ever really know. We constantly change as individuals, but our heart always remains the same. I feel comfort with myself in my personal life at this stage, but there will always be more to learn.

3. Travel overseas.
I would really love to travel overseas, especially to see where my partner grew up and spent the majority of his life. It would be so touching and it is something that people never truly value with their partners. It’s always just a conversation “oh I grew up in blabla” – but to be able to have that visual experience and to be shown around certain areas they went to, their sacred places where they would go to think (we all have one of those, let’s be real) and to see their schools etc., it would be fantastic. I want to see that part of my partners life and be involved, it would be meaningful and I would gain a lot of knowledge from my partner by being there.

4. Read more.
I know this is more of a checklist ideal, but I really want to read more. Not just your usual fantasy books, but more on mental health and Buddhism. Now, I’m not Buddhist but I want to read more and learn more about Buddhism and gain more of an understanding. If I were to have any faith, I would definitely walk down that path. I find it so beautiful and incredibly interesting, I would love to read Buddhism with a scientific twist and see what kind of information I could gather from that. If anyone knows of any books or if anything comes to mind – please do let me know. It would be fascinating. But, yeah, I definitely want to read more. I don’t read enough. I want to get into the habit of turning my Netflix off more often and pick up my books that I just purchased, I had every intention of reading but I just can’t turn off my Netflix! I need to hide the remote from myself.

5. Pick up Muay Thai.
I want to pick up a Muay Thai class because I feel like I would really benefit from it. I used to be into martial arts as a kid, but I dropped off and never picked it back up again. I thoroughly enjoy exercising, it’s a great release for pent up energy and I tend to turn that energy into frustrations – so it is nice to have a release. I have been wanting to pick up a class for a while now, so I really have to get on that. I believe it would be super beneficial. If the gym wasn’t so expensive, I would definitely have the gym as my best option – but there is no point to it at all at these days, you can just do everything you can do there at home – or go for a walk/run outside. That’s what is great about Muay Thai – it’s a skill to learn in a class and a effective release for anyone.

That’s about it for today.

I will keep you all posted tomorrow with my usual update and 5 things. My eyes are drooping as I’m closing this post off – time to sleep I think, or I will have to carry myself and 557493 eye bags thrown over my shoulder tomorrow. Hope you are all having a fantastic evening and I will speak with you soon!



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