Day 7: 5 Fears (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys, 

I hope you all have had a great start to your day. I’m currently watching a new series on Netflix called “13 Reasons Why” – man is it addictive! It’s very interesting and I am sucked into it. It’s about suicide and bullying within schools and the story following how/why it happened. It also touches on how the school is trying to hide/act innocent within the story. It’s incredibly insightful and relatable in this day and age. 

So, I’m sitting here with my cuppa and my beautiful cat – a beautiful gift from my partner was delivered to my doorstep as well in the process of writing this up! Here is a lovely shot of my beautiful sunflowers. I’m not a girl who drools at roses – sunflowers have been and will always be my favourite! 😍

Anyhow here are my 5 things for today. My biggest fears would obviously be serious illnesses within my family and what not but I want to bring it down a knotch. Today is about 5 fears. OoOoooOoooOoo!

1. Spiders. 

Living in Australia – we are notorious for having the scary spiders that apprently become our pets and we sleep with hundreds of them under our bed at night! I would like to assure you that this is definitely not the case – but when I do come across spiders I die a little inside and I couldn’t run away fast enough if I tried! Perhaps while squealing like a little girl… no shame. 

2. Flying. 

I don’t like flying – bleh! The thoughts before I get on a plane freak me out. Going over water while in an aircraft spooks me out – I think it’s the fear of crashing and being stuck in a bucket load of water (the ocean obviously), it freaks me out. Bleh!

3. Falling asleep on public transport. 

I always have a fear of sleeping on public transport and not waking up in time for my desired location! I don’t know – even if I’m incredibly knackered I will force myself to stay awake and therefore I will manage to get to my stop – no worries. 

4. Taxis. 

I hate taxis – I don’t trust taxis, so many horror stories that I have read that have completely made my mind up for me. My partner and I both share a dislike for taxis, so luckily we never go in them!

5. Monkeys! 

Monkeys are terrifying, goddamn. I can’t explain why I don’t like monkeys, but they are too smart for their own good – they will take over one day. I tells yeh’. 

There you go – I fear the most simple of things. There’s many more, but even then I have been scratching my head on what to pick. I have larger fears of course – but a person like me that has anxiety pretty much anything scares me! Haha. My cat even scares me. 

I hope this all makes sense, I’m off to go grab some bubble wrap and delicious snacks to have with wine for my partner and I. Nom! 🍓🍷

I’ll speak to you all later this evening with a fresh topic to break up my 5 things!



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