Day 8: 5 Places That I Want To Visit (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys!

What a great Wednesday it has been. I have my start date confirmed for my new job in Melbourne – I commence work on the 1st of May! So that gives me more than enough time to settle after the move from Sydney. It’s such a strange feeling to have, that I will be going along my merry way to work just a few days after moving. I won’t know the way to get there at all – all the suburbs will look completely foreign to me. I will probably be a worried wart the whole time! Melbourne doesn’t have Tripview either – I had a look on the App Store and I think PTV is the application people use to track transport! (Let me know if you are from Melbourne and if I have it wrong, haha).

Anyhoo, this afternoon I went and caught up with my partner for lunch. We went and got delicious sushi with miso soup, then grabbed a cuppa from a new cafe we haven’t been to before. It was one of those skinny long cafes that are tucked into the street, it was a “crazy scientist” design cafe with joker figurines everywhere and awesome superhero clips on their cafe telly. So. Badass.

Well – it’s that time again. My “5 Things” for today is 5 Places That I Want To Visit! I would love to visit everywhere and anywhere, but my bank account weeps at that thought. Or is it laughing at me? I don’t know. I can’t tell. It’s a bank account, after all. It couldn’t laugh at me. Or could it?

(This is in order)

1. England!
Boom! Yes. England is a close ties with my number 2 choice – but England wins over number 2. Since meeting my partner (he’s British), I have an overwhelming desire to travel there and see eeeeverything. Crazily enough, my partner hasn’t walked around London. He said as much as people like to think everyone that is British has been to London – majority of them haven’t! Crazy – right? I just automatically assumed, it’s like stereotyping – I’m a bastard. But, yeah, I would love to do that with him. It would be a bucket load of fun to sight see and experience it all. What wonderful memories they would be.

2. Paris.
The city of lurrrrve. Paris has always been my first place that I would love to see, but it got pushed to second. Sorry, Paris. You had your moment with me, but it’s not you – it’s me. I’m dreaming of seeing other places. We can still be friends, right?

3. New Zealand.
Obviously I want to be a hobbit, we should take note on this. LOTR and The Hobbit are life.

4. Canada.
Sorry about that, would you like a doughnut? (How I Met Your Mother reference). Canada is beautiful, I would want to visit in the Winter season to get the whole experience. In Australia, our Winters are weak as me. Bring it on!

5. Ireland.
I would say Sweden, because I would say that Ireland and Sweden tie – but Swedish people are so beautiful my confidence would die a little. Seriously, what the hell Sweden?

That wraps this up! There may or may not be another post later this evening, it depends if I have a food coma from my amazing burgers that I made last night (There are leftovers, mmm, leftovers) and honestly they were so distracting in my evening. Even my partner couldn’t focus on his evening, all we could think about was food. It was a rough time. So – I can’t make any promises, ladies and gentleman. I will try, I will fight the urge!



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