Day 9: 5 Favourite Hobbies (“5 Things” Daily Postings For 20 Days!)

Hey guys,

So as you can tell – I’m introducing something new to my blog. *drum roll* I’m introducing “Joke Of The Day” to my blog. The reason for doing this is because:

A) Who doesn’t like dad jokes?
B) It will make people smile (hopefully)
C) Humor is what I am all about

I think it’ll be something fun and lighthearted. Obviously they won’t be all of my own jokes, I’m sure I will make some to put up, but generally speaking it’ll just be jokes that I find funny and hope will spread some laughter or face palming across all of my readers faces. Also, I will be writing what day it is in the title of the post. Handy, am I right? I usually can’t keep track of what day it is – so, cool. Y’know how it is.

Anyway, for today with my “5 Things” daily challenge – today is 5 favourite hobbies! I’m a creature of habit, so this is quite an easy post to do. I don’t do much in my days, but what I do do (Haha, do do) is usually something that I love to do. Here we go!

1. Blogging.
Well this is a no brainer. For me, blogging is the best thing ever. I love writing, I love letting my brain work and my thoughts process down into posts. When I read my posts back, I see myself. I see my thoughts. It’s such a release for me, and it makes me feel fantastic. I love blogging so much, it’s one of the most precious things to me and it’s my favourite hobby. I love writing about things that come into my mind whether that be about love, life, traveling, health, beauty – anything. I don’t post up what I write sometimes, but lately I have been more open and forward with my posting so I like to think it’s only up from here with what I can post and talk about with you all.

2. Doing my hair.
I know this is a weird hobby to have, but working on my hair for me is definitely a favourite hobby. I use tape in hair extensions, I dye my hair, I cut my hair and I also like to style my hair. I do this every few weeks, so for me it’s fun to get creative and let my inspiration out on my hair. I love to visualize what I want my hair to be, and making that a reality. I love braiding my hair as well, I do this every day before I go to bed or if I’m going out and want my hair up. Braiding for me is so much fun, and I like to take a lot of pride in my hair! My natural hair is just above my collarbones, so my tape in hair extensions are about 27 inches – it’s like a lions mane. It’s lots of fun. (Yet expensive) I taught myself how to do my own hair since I was 16 years old, and I have been doing it ever since.

3. Gaming.
Another great hobby for me is gaming. I love being able to escape into a fantasy world, a game my partner and I have been playing this year has been WoW (World of Warcraft) and it is a bunch of fun. You can play it online, however we play multiplayer with each other and have numerous characters. For me personally, I love my blood elf. She is the bees knees. If bees had tiny little knees, she would be it. Getting to level your character up and learn new skills is incredible, and playing with your partner makes it all the more fun. We haven’t been playing recently, my partner got into new game and a few other bits and pieces so he is really into that. I also have another game that is a personal fave (Assassins Creed) that I am currently starting all over again from start to finish which I haven’t made much progress in because I’m really into my blog at the moment – oops.

4. Writing poetry.
I haven’t done this in a while, but when I get going I can’t put the pen down. I absolutely love poetry, I can get entirely wrapped up in my own little bubble of thoughts and just express and express, and express AaaAAaaand express. I can write until my heart is content – which is never. I love poetry, it’s such a touching way to get creative and for me it’s how I can express my love and gratitude. Sometimes words can’t put a finger on how you feel, but a poem can put a whole world into perspective with your feelings.

5. Going for walks.
I love going for walks, this is definitely a hobby for me – as lame as that sounds. But, I need to get out and about and just breathe fresh air while processing my day or my thoughts. Clearing your head out is an actual thing, I believe. Going for a walk is not only healthy mentally but physically.

So this is my 5 things for the day! I’m currently in the process of writing another post and it will be up soon, so will my joke of the day. Ooooo girl, get ready for all the posts today.

Happy day after hump day – nearly Friyay!

Speak soon.



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