Holding Yourself Back?

Good morning everyone,

Beautiful misty morning here in Melbourne. There’s something so magical about misty mornings, it reminds me of something you would see in a magical place like Harry Potter. We better grab our butterbeers and punch Malfoy in the face, the mist is setting for the day.

Anyway – something that always comes up in everyday is people’s concern for what others will think of them. Perhaps you want to look a certain way, share a new fact you learnt, discuss something that you are excited about or even say something funny along to what another person has said. We hold ourselves back because we aren’t sure how it will be received.

I mean, I have said multiple things in a day that people will just stare at me while thinking numerous comments in their mind that they won’t say because they’re probably not the nicest of things – and I don’t care! I’m entirely cool with making stupid comments because it’ll get a laugh from myself – and then I’ll go along my merry way. I have found that when you make a right muppet out of yourself, that’s when you are having the most fun. It’s fun being silly. It’s so much fun. People can poke their noses elsewhere, leave me to talk nonsense while you be boring!

There’s nothing worse than when people are so uptight that they have to be on their utmost best behaviour – looking fabulous, refusing to move their neck a certain way or their hair might move 1cm, they don’t want to dirty/crinkle their clothes or they don’t want to associate themselves with someone who doesn’t earn thousands of dollars for not knowing a single thing about what it’s like to go through financial struggles. It must be exhausting!

This post is full of opinions – my own opinions. However, I’m simply just trying to put across that it is entirely okay to be a silly goose. It’s entirely okay to make silly jokes and comments and “let your hair down”. You have the most fun when you make awkward situations into fun, or can take a laugh from a bad situation. When you look on the brighter side of the picture – your whole world takes a turn for the better.

Beauty, glamour and perfection isn’t fantastic. There are pressures, expectations and a lot of woes that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. We are all coping with our own difficulties and worries – you are entitled to be who you want to be! If you want to go a whole month wearing your pyjamas and a shoe on your head – do it! Why not?

People that stop themselves from letting someone in who isn’t favourable amongst others, won’t reach out for assistance because they are afraid to speak up, won’t do something that they really want to do because they’re afraid of making themselves look silly – please let yourself have the chance to live your life the way that you want to live it. We only get one shot here, there will never be “the right time”. Any time is as good as now. Don’t overthink situations, don’t turn yourself away – be your own knight in shining armour and give everything and anything a go. It may be the best thing that you ever do for yourself.

Make memories – the sillier the best story it is to tell!


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