Does Dressing Provocatively Make You A Target For Sexual Assault?

Hey guys,

This is a pretty heavy topic to talk about but it is something that I have formed such a strong opinion on and I know people around me in my social circle feel the same way as I do.

I watched a YouTube video where This Morning (a British morning show I somehow came across on YouTube – I am now addicted. Thanks, YouTube) and they were interviewing a woman that was saying basically to summarize: If you put yourself in a situation where alcohol is involved or a situation where you know you will be unsafe and you are wearing provocatively clothing – what do you expect to happen. It is basically the woman or gentleman’s fault that they got sexually assaulted for being in that situation and dressing provocatively.

All I can say is – what?! This is an absolutely ridiculous assumption. It doesn’t come down to what you are wearing when it comes to sexual assault, if that assaulter has the mind frame that they are going to assault someone – they aren’t going to go out of their way to selectively choose a human being that is dressed a certain way. I refuse to say “dress provocatively” because that is not what they have chosen to do. A woman leaving her work place dressed in a business skirt and t-shirt, is not deliberately dressing provocatively. A man that is going up to the shopping store to get his groceries wearing their shorts and a singlet is not dressing provocatively. A mother going to a bathroom in her jeans and a shirt is not dressing provocatively. Sexual assault happens to people that are not “asking for it”.

To assume that if you put yourself in a situation where alcohol is involved, they asked to be assaulted is just fucked up. The lady is basically telling human beings to not leave their house, or they are asking to be assaulted. Why do people defend these bad people? The victim is not the attacker. The victim is the individual who did absolutely nothing to be put in that situation. That victim happened to be the individual who was around when that person lacked self control and lacked humanity.  These attackers are bad, bad people. I don’t like to call people “bad” but people who do these kinds of things are bad people. They don’t deserve excuses or the ability to have a successful life after their crime. Absolute criminals.

I also fucking hate that when people who do assaults like this get less time in prison than someone who downloads an illegal copy of a movie. What is wrong with the justice system?

The vast majority of sexual assault comes from people that they know. In the YouTube figure, they roughly said that about 9/10 times it is someone that the victim knew. Please tell me how the way you dress has a part in this? You can’t. It’s the attacker who is mentally unwell and needs to be locked away – far, far away from human kind. These people do not deserve to see sunlight. If you want to know what is really cool about Russia’s justice system – they literally don’t let their prisoners see sunlight ever again and some of those criminals ARE in fact attackers that have sexually assaulted and they get lifetime in prison. Fuck. Yes. Russia.

Australia has the worst justice system I have ever seen, they let their prisoners have television, great food, friends, whatever – you name it. It’s like a holiday where they don’t have to pay bills. Why wouldn’t they want to offend again when they get out? It’s fucked up. We need these people to pay for their actions. Criminals are no joke.

That’s my rant for today. Thanks YouTube for giving me something to rant about. I hate people sometimes, they literally are beyond idiotic to defend attackers and put the blame on the victims. Ugh.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, guys. I will leave you a link to what I saw below:

Speak soon guys!




  1. Some would say ‘Yes’ but I don’t agree! The way someone dresses shouldn’t be viewed as an open invitation or that they’ve been asking for it. Talk about victim blaming…

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  2. A lot of the time people victim blame because it is easier to convince yourself that the person was sexually assaulted because of x,y, and z. It is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that anyone is vulnerable to sexual assault. The idea of that scares people. That is why there’s a huge misconception about sexual assault only happening between strangers and/or happening to people who are drunk and who dresses a certain way. By trying to define what a “typical victim” looks like or behaves like, it is easy for people to then avoid doing those things or looking that way to decrease their chances of sexual assault. But as we all know it, sexual assault actually occurs the most between people you know and people you trust. My thinking has always been if the person is going to assault you, what you look like and what you do will not matter. They’re a predator, and they’re going to prey on those who they have “hunted” down. It’s just scary to think that anyone, even you, can be sexually assaulted at any time, any place, and any moment. Most of people are just scared that it could happen to them if they really believe that the victims are not at fault. Well that’s my take on why people are so quick to victim blame.

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