Frosting Over In The City!

Hey everyone,

Just thought that I would pop you all a post about my first day in the city of Melbourne. For starters, it was fucking cold! It didn’t get over 10 Celsius all day – safe to say I am not used to that kind of temperature. Whilst I was searching everywhere for a “snood” (infinity scarf) and warmer jumpers and the lot – someone walked past in shorts and a t-shirt. It gave me goosebumps even looking at them.

Anyway, yesterday was a crazy day. We went into the city to look around and site see, there was a beautiful street just filled with cafes and delicious food. We stopped by one cute place that had heaters out the front (it looked warm) and we just grabbed two cappuccinos and held each other’s hands to warm up. It was a lovely, lovely cuppa!

Afterwards we were on a hunt in a book store, I found a beautiful complete collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems – mine. Yet my partner found a beautiful similar book but it has golden trims and it looks very, very old school! He got it for me as an early birthday pressie. I love it so much, it literally looks like a bible! It’s huge!

We had to go get lunch quickly then get my partner to his job interview, so we went to Grill’d (mmmm) and then we took off and got to his interview in the nick of time. First time riding a tram by the way, epic experience. They’re like train buses. Did I say that my partner ended up getting the job by the time we got home? I’ll tell you more in a sec.

So after his job interview we went to go to our bae house inspection. It’s this one house we have been house stalking for a whole week, we already put our application in before we even inspected it. We’re crazy. Anyway, we went to the proper inspection and there were quite a few people there, one lady kept giving me evil looks and like she wanted to headbutt me for even stepping in the house. We left the inspection hungry and cold, we literally spent half an hour waiting for the inspection to start sitting on a brick wall in the rain. Haha, bit of the Ol’ emotional brick wall waiting.

The best part of this was the food when we finished the inspection. We walked up the road to the best Japanese restaurant I have ever had the luck of tasting in my life. I got gyoza ramen with miso soup and my partner got some curry delicious thing with miso soup. IT WAS SO GOOD, ahhhhh! I want it again and again and again.

After food we got on the train up to his parents place, safe to say he got on the train as an unemployed man and walked off the train as an employed man. It happened so quickly, within the space of minutes. So, he starts on Monday like I do! We both have our first days at our new jobs together. B e a uuuuuuuuutiful!

Anyhoo, I took some photos of just things I looked at and was amazed by. I probably should have taken more tourist like shots for you, but I had a keen eye for things I want to remember when I look at because of why I was there.

As this was all happening yesterday, today my partner and I are off to do some nature adventures and look at some places closer to the city to stay at temporarily while we have our first week at work. The trip from his parents place would be killer – 2 and a half hours! Nooooo thank you. Haha, so we will be doing bits and pieces today. I’ll show you photos of the nature trip, I’ll take some good ones and let you all see what I see.

I have a post coming up soon on my first tattoo experience as well as relationship comfort zones, stay tuned for that. Not sure if you all would prefer structured posts or when I do catch ups on what I’ve been up to – but let me know what you would like to read more of.

Speak soon. Stay warm if you are anywhere where it is as cold as it is here – bloody freezing!




  1. I just told someone that I ghost wrote the world’s best selling fantasy/science fiction novel. Really they asked in awe for everyone knows I am a writer who never seems to run out of money and am fairly cryptic about my pseudonym or business name/structure. Yes, I wrote the bible.

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  2. Congratulations on your partner getting the job. Sucks the lady was so rude but I did laugh about the “looking like she wanted to head butt you” 😉 At least you got some great Japanese food, so that’s a blessing 🙂

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