Happy Good Fri-yay!

Happy Good Friday everyone!

I hope you are all having as good of a day as I am.

We started the day off with a delicious fruit hot cross and a cuppa.

My cat has been absolutely evil with his biscuits lately. He decided he doesn’t want them in his food bowl anymore, so he will use his paws like human hands to pick them up and feed himself.IMG_5930

A new thing that he also like to do is to scrape every biscuit that he can out so that they are scattered across the carpet. He will then proceed to chase after them like they are toys.

Ok, you’re right. That’s actually adorable. Evily-adorable.

What else is new? Well, my fiance and I have been making our own mixed wine the last day or so. We like to mix red and white wine to make our own rose and it’s awesome. If you want to try a lovely brand of wine, aim for Twelve Signs. It’s an astrology label, hence the twelve signs!

We pour about 60% white and 40% red. It’s so delicious! We don’t usually drink rose (I want to do the fancy “e” but my keyboard doesn’t do it, damn).

We used to only drink white, my fiance never drank white but I got him into it and he was hooked. After a while, he introduced me to red. But then we figured, why can’t we do both?! So we have now made our own mix.

Anyhoo, it’s countdown time for us now. Countdown for our big move to Melbourne is now 7 days (including today)!fc

In 7 days we will be on our way to Victoria in our moving van.

We are doing the move by ourselves. Our plan is to be loading the van just the two of us. I can barely pick up anything more than 5kgs in weight so this will be interesting. I already lifted one of the boxes that we packed by myself and my back gave up on me. Eek.

I’m already prepared for the ultimate sugar rush this Easter. We have a crazy amount of chocolate. My biggest weakness is chocolate.

Is it bad that I would say Easter ties closely with Christmas as my favourite time of the year?amscan-seasonal-decorations-190240-64_1000.jpg

I may need to be rolled around in a few days!

Today all I have been listening to is Spotify on the radio option for Catfish And The Bottlemen. They are so fantastic, I remember they came on the telly playing for the New Years celebration at the end of 2016 – I may or may not have fan girled.

All around, it’s been lovely having some great music and a delicious breakfast. What a lovely Good Friday it has been. It’s time to wrap this up and go out for a walk. It’s a lovely day today, the sun is shining and the park up the road calls for some attention!

Happy Good Friday everyone!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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