Honouring Your Relationship 

Hey all,

For me –  there is nothing more important than honoring your relationships. This can stand for any kind of relationship, whether it’s intimate, your relationship with your family, relationship with friends – whatever connection it is that you have with people, it is important to stand by that. 306792b88dc653b6d0a52d8d8c10fcc3

A lot of people these days that get into intimate relationships have forgotten the importance of honoring them. If you choose to be with one person and one person only, you must honor that.

There is nothing more awful than when people are in relationships with one person, yet will go behind their partners back and deny that they are in a relationship just to get lucky with another person.

You can find many examples of this with “How To Catch A Cheater” videos online. There is a long pause of “Uhhhhhhhhhh..” when they are asked if they are single, and then they say a confident yes, they are single. When they are in fact not. What is going through their minds? It’s absolutely insane. How can you lie about a relationship, sometimes people have been in these relationships for 6+ years and they are lying through their teeth by saying it’s ‘nothing serious’! It’s awful, you have to be a really awful person to do that to another.

In reality, there is no greater pride than being in a relationship and honouring the one you have chosen to spend your life with. When you are with someone, you should be proud to be off the market. I mean, I can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to be with my partner, there is no one else that I would rather come home to. When you have the right person, it’s like being in your own company. You can have the time of your life doing absolutely nothing. That’s how you know you have found the sweet spot.

It’s so disappointing when I read things on the news where a married man is getting another lady pregnant on the sly. She then feels obligated to abort the child because she doesn’t want to get the married man in trouble with his wife because she knows that he will never leave his wife. That poor wife has no clue that her husband had not only been cheating on her for years but he impregnated another woman and still came home to her every single night. She was quite literally, sleeping with her worst nightmare. If she had suspicions, you can bet that he made her feel like shit for questioning his motives and he probably has made her feel like she’s just being ‘crazy’.

If you can’t honour your relationship, why are you in one in the first place? All I can say is that I hope karma gets these people.

I really do not understand people who want the best of everything. Their home life and their separate life where they do whatever they want with whoever they want. Life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes it’s best just to face the facts with how you feel internally, and make the right decisions.

Sometimes the right decisions aren’t what is right for you, but they are the right decisions to make for others.

Speak soon!



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