I Have Been Nominated For The “One Lovely Blog” Award!

Thank you very much to the lovely, Hayley.

I am so grateful to be nominated by the beautiful writer for Red Letters. Hayley is an inspiration and I highly encourage you to have a look at what content she has to offer as she is such a joyful and bright writer.

Thank you once again!

For my nominations, please see below for the “One Lovely Blog” award: 

Safira’s Journey
Jirah Merizz
Frank Solanki
Jay Colby
April Speaks
My Human Interest
Fashion With V

To my nominees,

I would like to let you know that I highly enjoy reading what you hard work you put into providing quality content and your efforts shine through. Keep going, I am your biggest fan! Haha.

Please also note that you aren’t obligated to participate, I thought it would just be nice to pass on what lovely of a compliment that this is!

Thank you for your hard work,

Jess / DaySixtyFive


Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I am a cat mama! My beautiful cat is named Blitz. My partner and I got him as a Christmas present for each other in 2016 and he has been a terror ever since, however we wouldn’t have it any other way. He truly is such a beautiful, beautiful soul. There is definitely someone home when you look into his eyes.
  2. I just recently moved from New South Wales, Australia to be in Victoria, Australia. It was a huge move with my partner and beautiful Blitz. We drove a big van the entire way, only stopping once to go get food and another to go to the bathroom and then we powered on the entire way with Mr Blitz right next to me curious about the world, sleeping, curious to the world and then sleeping again!
  3.  I only took my blogging off pause at the beginning of April this year. I went on a bit of a dry season with writing, however I was dealing with a lot of pent up anger and emotions at situations that had happened in my life and my mother brought up that I need a creative outlet. From this, I was brainstorming ideas and new ways that I could bring my thoughts out as well as be creative – and then along came my blog again. I used to use my blog many years ago when I was very much so into fashion and make-up (all about that Sex And The City life) and never thought I would be here today writing this nomination post. Life is crazy that way.
  4. I am a band lover! I love everything about rock and roll, from light and easy listening straight through to heavy metal. I am entirely sucked into that realm, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My love for music runs deep – I love all music, however my bands will always be my go-to sound. I found that bands have always had sentimental value to me, especially from growing up with my single parent mother listening to Rob Zombie with her sunglasses on in her old white Daihatsu with the windows down and dancing away. My mother has always been so cool!
  5. I’m weirdly sentimental with my family. I have letters, photos, random jewelry items and bits and pieces all throughout my life – I can’t chuck out things that my family have given me at all. When it comes to friends, I don’t have any so I don’t really care regardless but when it comes to family I latch onto that stuff like crazy – no clue why! Family matters to me I guess, friends come and go. Family lasts forever.
  6. I can’t wait to have little me’s hanging around. I can’t wait to be a parent, hopefully I can have healthy happy children and a large family surrounding me. I love the idea of watching a little human that you created roam around the globe. You never know they could be find the cure for life threatening diseases and make major impacts on the world (hopefully in good ways). It astounds me how incredible the human body is. I can’t wait to feel that form of responsibility as well as nurture for a living life form. That bond would be irreplaceable and I cannot wait to give that love to another being.
  7. I am helplessly in love! My partner, Myles is my absolute world. This is the first time I have ever used his name in a post, I am sneaky because I know many will probably not get this far into this post so it’ll probably slip by. However, he is an incredible human being. His purity runs unimaginably deep, he is a genuinely great person. You cannot say that about many people, unfortunately, however he is one of the few that is genuinely a fantastic human being. He is lucky to have gotten as far as he has in life without being tainted by humanity and picking up unhealthy qualities in his personality, he luckily has stayed true to himself and maintained how fantastic of a human he is. I could not be more proud of his achievements this year, he has grown into such a beautiful, strong, independent individual and this year he has grown so much into his character. I couldn’t be more in love with my strong yet happy rock! He grounds me so much. I am so happily in love.Thank you for my nomination, Hayley.I hope to speak with you all soon!




  1. Oh thank you for the nomination gorgeous girl! And your wonderful, kind and encouraging words. ❤️❤️

    And Myles sounds so lovely! Does he read your blog posts? Because if he didn’t before, he should now! LOL.

    And awe. A fellow cat lover. And Blitz is such a cute name. I have two little terrors myself, Winter and Blue. Our cats names are not that dissimilar! Haha.

    I’m also from NSW, moved to Brisbane a few years back. How are you liking the new city? 😘


    1. No problem sweetheart! I really value your writing, you are a major inspiration and I would love to see you grow on your journey throughout your blog – it’s going to be the best! ❤️

      Haha – he does, he is my biggest fan (I hope, if not, I have no hope). He’ll sit through and read my posts after I post them up. It’s so adorable, he also contributes to my Joke Of The Day (he tells so many dad jokes, it touches me haha).

      Winter and Blue! Ahhhh! That is so cute, are they best friends? Do they have much of an age gap? Are they like your babies like Blitz is for me?! Haha, us cat mums get it!

      Oh wow, how was that for you? Did you take it well? I’m finding it quite difficult, but I am slowly adjusting – it’s a whole new experience really. It really matures you, in such a strange way. I feel like if I didn’t do this, I would be a completely different person and I don’t know if I would like who I would have become. It’s such a rewarding journey, there really is something special about moving states isn’t there? I can’t wait to hear what it was like for you! Haha. Xxx


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