Mental Health Isn’t A Trend

Good evening everyone,

It’s 9PM Sunday here and I thought it would be great to write to you all before the work week.

These days we as a society are trying to create this entire situation where having anxieties, bad days, anything – is either trendy or you have to completely change your lifestyle by creating mental health plans online to show the world, talk about how you are trying to become a new and improved person, join in on healthy dieting and activities such as yoga on the beach with your juicing ways.

I have seen people posting images to Instagram of their wrists being cut and saying they have relapsed, or people in their psych rooms complaining about their nurses/doctors for watching them around the clock. Not to mention the young children seeing their close friends posting their suicides online for all to see live. I personally do not believe that this should be an option. For one, these social media platforms should be monitoring what is being posted out there – but that is for another blog post to rant about. Two, families should be taking more of an interest in what their children and doing online and exposing themselves to.

To be honest, I truly believe everyone has anxiety to an extent. Some people just handle it better than others. Everyone has bad days. I know how easy it is to hear your friends say they are experiencing x, y, z symptoms and the answer of it is “insert Google analysis here”, I get it. I get how easy it is to hear them say this and to connect the dots to yourself and presume you fall into the same boat. Of course there are mental health conditions that require doctors attention, but instead of listening to your friend or Google, that should be discussed with your doctor exclusively.

I cannot stress this enough, but it is not trendy to be “triggered” online by every single post you see, if you are in that much danger with sensitivity – you should not be online. You should be looking after your mental health properly and on your way recovering at your own pace. It is not trendy to promote mental health concerns in the slightest.

The thing is, we are all human. We all experience similar things in different ways, in different levels. We all get it. What I am trying to say is, life always goes on. You need to cater your lifestyle to how you are. If you are going to easily be triggered, maybe you should take a break from the internet until you are at a comfortable state. Knowingly being highly sensitive and online is just a dangerous and reckless thing to do to yourself.

A point to take in seriously is that you cannot use your mental health as an excuse to hurt people. I repeat, you cannot use your mental health as an excuse to hurt people. Not one single person. This is not something that you can expect people to cater to, and to respect. You need to take responsibility of yourself. You cannot ask someone to let you rip into them and not retaliate by either arguing back or walking away. They are not to blame, either are you by any means – but you need to respect and understand others positions. You are not the star of the show. You cannot rip people apart and blame it on your mental health, your condition is not an excuse. That’s just fact. You need to come down to earth and own up to your faults. An apology for your actions if they are in a negative or hurtful light is always a step in the right direction to meeting them halfway.

A person cannot be helped if they do not want to be helped. If you are in a position where you are around someone who is emotionally unstable, you are not responsible for them. You can advise the assistance of medical advice, sure, but you cannot do much. People need to take control of their own lives. It is not your responsibility with what someone chooses to do with their own life.

I understand these are quite controversial notes to make, but the thing is that people are getting out of control with self diagnosing themselves on the internet and letting it get over their heads. It’s a tricky situation and I truly believe the internet is taking control over these people and creating toxic environments at such young ages.

Not everyone is going to have quiet thoughts and an easy road in life. We all go through our wars, we all have stories – each and every single one of us. Our battle wounds make our lives an incredible story to tell in the future. No one has an easy road in life, that is what you need to take note of. You are not alone by any means. Literally every person you will meet has something to worry about, if not one thing most likely more than one thing to worry about.

The thing is, it’s entirely okay to have your dark spots on your coat. We all have them. We are all human, and we are all together on this journey. We don’t have answers as to why we are here, some choose to follow faith and some choose to just power through other ways. We are all just doing our best. But we can’t use our dark spots as excuses to treat people like shit, to use as a trend, to use as a way to get through to people or just to even drag people along on your journey with no intention of helping yourself. It’s just unfair.

We do not use much of our brain capacity by any means, our brains are much more powerful than we like to believe and we are capable of some incredible things in our lifetime and it’s okay if you can’t turn your brain off.

The feelings that you are feeling are you, and if it is going over your head, you are not alone. You are more than okay. If you publicize how you are feeling 24/7, people are going to get into your head – don’t let anyone make it worse for yourself. Look after yourself first by always consult a professional, not everything that you believe online is gospel.

Nothing is easy, that’s what is the best part about life. If it was easy, we wouldn’t appreciate what we have right in front of us. Even if you don’t see it yet.

Speak soon all,

[Next post up soon – When You Can’t Afford To Follow Your Dreams]




  1. It is not so much about exaggerated online diagnoses as it is about the tendency of people to indulge in self-pity. With social media showing only our ‘good days’ this can also be seen as a kind of backlash.


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