It’s Okay To Be Different 

Hey guys,

Almost the weekend! The hours are ticking away this afternoon, I am genuinely looking forward to spending some time with my partner and enjoy this weekend. Sleep in – yay!

I thought it would be a great way to start this coming weekend with a uplifting post for you all. The topic for discussion today is about being different! Whether you have crazy coloured hair, piercings all over your big toe or even if you just have a quirky personality – it’s okay to be different!

I used to believe to be beautiful as a woman I needed to have long thick hair, a great figure and a smile whiter than a monkey’s butt hole. The thing is though, none of those things matter. Why would I want to make friendships and relationships by being or looking as something and someone that I truly am not? When you strip away all of those aesthetically pleasing features, will they still treat you as they previously did?

The thing is, you do not need anything or anyone to make you feel as fantastic as you actually are. We all have things we would love to do, whether that be getting your ears pierced, trying something different with your hair, wearing a colour you really like, or even branching out further than that. There are things that we all stop ourselves from doing for the fear of people not liking us.

I remember prior to dying my hair certain colours, I was worried that I wouldn’t get as much attention because I would be different. I wouldn’t fit in social circles, I would be different. Man, who cares! Let’s embrace different.

Let’s take life by the balls and have fun with ourselves. Look crazy, be crazy. Be entirely what you want to be. If you want to colour co-ordinate yourself to be relatable to Spyro or if you want to dress like a dragon who cares – you do you, boo.

When scary situations come to you in life, whether that be a near death experience or just a huge awakening in life – you truly see how fragile life is and it blows you away how much we all care about the smallest, littlest things rather than embracing life’s opportunities.

Have fun with yourself, love a lot and care a little. Other people do not matter at the end of the day, what truly matters is how much fun you are having in your life and how much you have laughed in your day.

Go get ’em.




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