It’s The Littlest Things That Bring Pure Happiness 

Hey all, 

Have you ever noticed that if you buy something absolutely amazing for your cat whether that be a really awesome moving mouse that makes noises or even just an expensive food dispenser, yet they will find a lid around the house and play with that instead? 

This is what I’m trying to convey in this post, yes I related it to my cat because my cat is the happiest little being and he finds fun in the littlest of things. I love it. 

No matter how much money you invest into belongings, or how much over thinking you do on something, it really won’t matter. It’s the thought that counts. 

You will notice as life continues and your heart grows, it’s the smallest things in life that will bring you pure happiness. 

It’s the moments where birds are singing and you visualise a sanctuary in your mind and at that moment where you’ve never felt so at peace. 

It’s the moments where you catch yourself looking at your loved one and they’re doing nothing at all but look content in the moment, where you can’t help but let out a smile. 

It’s the moments when you aren’t trying at all but find yourself succeeding more than ever because you know your beautiful worth and your intelligence. 

It’s the moments where you don’t even realise they’re a moment. 

Life is a beautiful, incredible gift that we all over think and over compensate to experience life at the fullest. When really, the trick is to just look a little deeper. 

You don’t need much to have a wonderful life. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, 




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