Kids, You Have It Good!

Hey all, 

How are your days coming along? Hopefully great. This thought just came to me and I wanted to blog about it – I couldn’t not! (Please bear in mind I’m just talking lightly – a lot of children out there aren’t so well off and need our support as a community)

How great do kids have it now days? As I sit here, sipping from my juice popper and my chicken noodle cup – all I can thinks “damn it”. I am eating and drinking snacks that kids get on a daily basis, and here I am feeling lucky that I get to sit here with my snacks that I bought for work (easier than a sandwich because my partner and I get bare minimum time in the morning). I see all these humans doing adult things like microwaving their delicious smelling meals and I’m excited to put hot water into my noodle cup. I’m living the life, really, the office envies my food! Not even joking! Kids get free delicious food in badass lunch boxes that even have a cooler section for their water bottles. I remember when I was a kid, mum used to freeze juice in a water bottle for my brothers and I. Oh man, the wait for the juice to melt was unreal. These days, I have a weeks old Mount Franklin water bottle I fill up at the tap if I get time in between tasks and in between multiple cups of coffee to stop me from slowly dozing off behind my desk.  Seriously, what is up with that?

Then after our long days we come home and have to make meals, wash dishes, wash clothes, vacuum, whatever – you name it! Kids get to plop themselves on the couch and raise their legs as you vacuum underneath them or ask when dinner is ready – when it damn well is ready, Jimmy! Damn! 

I mean like – that energy they have though. How can you still feel like living life like a headless chicken after no sleep and a whole day of playing? Are you even human? Kids can stay up to ungodly hours doing who knows what, talking to who knows who and yet want to do it all over again. Man, I get cranky if anyone tries to talk to me after 7PM – leave me to my food coma and my burrito blanket set up! I’m full of delicious food, tired and warm.

They can talk back and have attitude and the worst thing that could happen is getting detention. If I do that, I would be fired or well, yeah, I would be fired. Imagine telling your boss you don’t want to do something, now that’s just saucy. No thanks! Or.. yeah.. best if I say no. Don’t go talking back, you cheeky devils. Fire your kids on the job. “What’s for dinner? Can I have this? Why aren’t you getting me this?” And then when they start to get upset – fire them! You’re fired, Jimmy! Pack up your table and be gone! “.. but I don’t have a table?” Damn it, Jimmy!

They even get to bring toys to school. If I brought my PlayStation with me to work because I’m sad without it, and my partner told my boss to make sure no one takes it off me or breaks/steals it – can you imagine? I would be the coolest adult here. Damn. Don’t mind if I do.

But they get bloody iPads, iPods, iPhones – computer games! Whatever! I’m still waiting for my long lost iPod that I have wanted for years. I’m still paying my bloody iPhone off.

Nah – but seriously. Kids have it great.

Anyway, I’m going to be creating myself a Twitter and Instagram account in a few moments. I will be posting the accounts up here for you all to twiddle your thumbs over and assume that I know what I’m doing. I won’t have any clue, but that’s ok just smile and wave.

Speak soon!




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