Laundromat Chats

Hey guys, 

How are we all? I hope you are all well! It’s been a busy week here on my end. At the start of this week, my partner and I used AirBNB closer to the city for the work week and we had no home in sight. By the end of the week, here we are. We have a home. We moved in yesterday, dropped the truck off ridiculously early this morning and now we are sitting in a wee laundromat waiting for our clothes to wash because we don’t have a washing machine. We don’t have much, but we have a home, we have our fur baby (our cat) and food in our bellies. The water works, we have power and a roof over our head. We are safe and we are happy.

It’s been a roller coaster the last few weeks, it’s been emotionally heavy and it’s been a big stretch for us. We have grown together through this journey, we only had each other really – only we truly understand how it felt for us, and we had each other. It’s so important that when you are with someone, they aren’t just anyone.

You have to be able to be with your best friend through times like these, someone who makes you laugh more than you could be wanting to cry. I’m a little sensitive ball of human, so for me I was a bit all over the place – but my partner pulled me right back into reality and I would have a smile on my face. I’ve never trusted nor relied on someone as much as I rely on my partner, I’ve never had someone that I truly know is there because they want to be not because they have to be. You really do need your partner to be everything in one – your best friend, your rock, your true love and most of all your comedian.

It’s been hard settling into work for the both of us this week – I believe (I know) my partner has the worst end of the stick. The job is a wee bit on the wild side (as in expectations and what not, no training involved and lack of communication), but my partner has never faltered – he’s such a strong individual and he’s powering on. I truly hope he understands how much I am there for him to support him through these times. I’m beyond proud of him. I have never met someone as down to earth and caring as him. He doesn’t ask much of anyone, just share a smile. I love that.

I had the most special moment with my cat this morning. It was the first night with him back with us after we had to leave him with my partners family as we had our first week of work and tried to find a home for us to move into. As we didn’t want to bounce our cat around from place to place, it was the best decision for him. So – we got to bring him into our home yesterday, it was all our first night there and he was racing from one end of the house to the other and bouncing off of the boxes and having a blast with his toys. It was so lovely. There’s something so special about cats, you can literally just look at them and they instantly fill you with joy. Anyway – so this morning (probably around 4-5AM) my cat crawled up around my head and onto my chest and laid down purring so loudly. He stretched out and grabbed my head and just held his paws there, and I was just patting him and he was so happy. I was too. I just have so much love for my cat and for my partner. I had my partner lying right next to me sound asleep, and my warm purring cat on my chest holding my face and I just couldn’t have been happier.

I truly am so beyond lucky to have such a fantastic little family of my own with my partner and my cat, we have created our own family bond and I couldn’t be more lucky to have this opportunity in my life.

In life – you are faced with opportunities but with opportunities come sacrifices. Sometimes, a blessing can look like a mistake. It can confuse you and upset you – but once the storm calms down you can truly see the blessing that is in front of you and how truly lucky you are. It’s okay to feel worried, scared, stressed – but everything works out it just takes time. Time is the true healer of all wounds, and a saying that will always stick with me is that sometimes you can be looking at a rainbow and it looks as though it is missing a colour. However, the closer you walk to it, you see that it in fact isn’t missing a colour. It’s just a different colour. That colour is actually a better colour the more you look at it, and over time – it becomes your favourite colour.

That’s just something for you to think about. Take that saying as you will – but that’s really stuck with me.

I hope you are all doing well, I miss blogging beyond anything – it’s been nice to sit and talk with you. I’m merely just sitting in the laundromat – washing ‘ma clothes!

Speak soon.



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