Life Lesson: Who Cares What People Think? 

Hey all, 

I just have a bone to pick. Weird saying, I know. But something that really bothers me is when people care what others think. I have seen this for my entire life and it makes me so cranky. 

Now, I was never the cool kid in school and I’m not ashamed to say this. I really wasn’t. I used to deal with so much shit from people, that I grew to the point where I was like who fucking cares and just got on with my life regardless if it was going to make people not like me. 

Something you need to realise: you cannot please everyone. I repeat, you CANNOT please everyone. You literally won’t be able to. Whatever pleases someone, guaranteed there will be someone who has something opposite to say to what everyone else says. Not everyone is going to like you. You know what? Fucking great! 

I hate when I hear people preventing themselves from doing things because they are embarrassed or because they are nervous for others reactions or thoughts. I seriously hate it. Do not talk that talk around me and expect me to idlily listen. That is not what life is for. 

When you are old and unable to get yourself out of bed without assistance, or even wipe your own ass without assistance – you are going to look back and regret not rolling down that grass hill in front of groups of strangers who are living their own lives to even bother caring enough about what you do. 

You are going to regret not getting on that plane and travelling the world because your fear of flying. 

You are going to regret not raising your voice and singing in front of those groups of people who haven’t been exposed to your talents. 

You are going to regret not giving yourself a chance to express yourself, be you, grow out of your security bubble and be who you want to be. 

You are going to regret not letting go of your anxieties and your embarrassment, because when it comes down to it that is all that it is. It’s just emotions withdrawing yourself and it is trying to protect you from your fears. You don’t need protection to be you, and you don’t need protection to fuck everyone else off. 

People do not care. That’s what is the worst thing about preventing yourself because of others –  because people literally do not give a shit what you do. People only care about themselves and their own lives, you know how you’re so involved in your life and stick inside your mind? They are literally the exact same. People are just trying to write their own stories, their own biographies inside their minds. They don’t have time to care about the things that you do, so have fun and let your hair down a little. 

You don’t have time to care what people think, life is so short you should embrace the fun of life and try not to let people get you down. Surround yourself with love and support. It’s all you need in the end. 

You need yourself, you need love, you need happiness. Be good to yourself and give yourself that chance. Life is worth living. 

Speak soon all, 



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