Melbourne As Of Yet

Hey all,

As I have time to write to you all this afternoon, I thought I would catch you up on how Melbourne is going at the moment. It’s been below 10 Celsius overnight and this morning was absolutely freezing, I’m currently back in bed with my partner on my laptop chatting with you all eating salt and vinegar Pringles #noregrets. It’s been raining on and off – that’s Melbourne weather for you though, more bipolar than life itself!

Since we arrived – it has been non stop family bonding with my partner and his family! We had the entire family over at his parents house which is where we are staying, and there was many bottles of wine consumed within that time frame. My partners brother left early morning on Saturday, and his sister and his sisters partner left on the Monday around midday. So, we stayed around and played board games and we had a bonfire as well on the Sunday evening. I got to see a cute owl as well – worth it. Within the time frame of having this glorious bonfire and coming back inside for dinner – my partner was talking to me in the lounge room, and I looked at him only to see the biggest spider I have ever witnessed crawling right up his neck. Natural girl reaction – scream and point! He whacked it off and they took it outside, but damn. Safe to say the rest of the night we were paranoid.

So, yesterday it started raining on and off. We decided to go to the Factory Outlet and browse, because it was Anzac Day shopping centres were closed until 1PM, we arrived at the shop 3 minutes past 1PM – magic! We went straight to the Converse store and got ourselves some awesome connies, I have entirely white leather boots *internal scream of excitement*, I didn’t want to take them off at all last night I just wanted to
wear them in the shower and in bed and for the rest of my entire life. I’m still wearing socks, awaiting the opportunity to put them on. Lifestyle of a rockstar right here. Also, we went to the Priceline Pharmacy and found a funny box with the usual model print on it – something tells us they didn’t look at the boxes right. Hahaha. There were so many like this, I could spam all the photos I took but it takes away from how funny this one in particular is. The distortion is strong in this one.

After our shopping adventure (we also got cat biscuits, we are awesome) we went on a trip around the viewpoints up the road and I managed to snag myself some amazing photographs. It’s insane how refreshing the air is here, my partner and I couldn’t stop talking about how crisp the air is here compared to when you get a cloud of bus exhaust pipes blowing into your face from the city.

There is something so stunning about the mountains here. The amount of green is unreal, seriously the grass looks like it’s from The Hobbit series. It’s badass.

We are awaiting to hear back from the Real Estate office about this one house that were are absolutely obsessed with – we have literally left all forms of communication, it would be weird if we pushed any further than we have. We have e-mailed, phone called, texted and already sent in an application. We have an inspection organised for tomorrow later in the afternoon, but we were hoping to organize a private inspection. It doesn’t look like that will be a possibility. But, did I mention this house has a granny flat or shall I say.. gaming den. Dundundunnnnn. It would seriously be fantastic for us, it’s our dream home. We really hope we get it. Cross your fingers for us!

What else? Well, we need to get public transport cards – kind of like the Opal card in Sydney but Melbourne has their own version. We are hoping to go out and grab them today, we might have a bit of a wee look around as well and just explore. Tomorrow we are going in for a trip in the city and find out cool places Melbourne has to offer, my partner wants to take me to the famous street of cafes – so that will be amazeballs! I promise to take some photos for you all to goggle at with me, I’m also excited to see what kind of places Melbourne has in the city to view – it’s weird not seeing the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. So, hopefully there are some cool things to look at!

I hope you are all doing well, I should probably stop eating Pringles and get out of bed and go explore. I also get to put my new Converse shoes back on, again, *internal scream of excitement*.

See you soon blogging land, I will keep y’all up to date. Don’t forget to check out my prior post earlier this morning – 3 Quick Tips for something awesome! 3 Quick Tips about what? Go find out quiiiick, quiiiiickkkkly!!!!




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