More Than Meets The Eye

You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes, this is something that I have always believed in. When someone is looking at you in the eyes, their brains are processing their own individual thoughts and feelings. Someone can be lying while looking at you right in the eyes, someone could be opening up about their darkest thoughts while trying to maintain a smaller fraction of eye contact to hold off on their vulnerability.

Something that I have just noticed that has actually become a huge importance for me these days is a person that you can actually see how they feel through their eyes. When someone is so real, honest and transparent. Whether it be good or bad, you can see how genuine they are just by their glance.

There is no greater feeling than when you look at someone and they are looking at you with so much feeling – so much love and purity behind their eyes that you cannot help but replicate the same straight back. It really is a beautiful thing to have, and it is so important.

People have forgotten the importance of transparency. When you put up that large of a brick wall that someone cannot read you after knowing you for such a large amount of time, and still can’t tell what you are portraying or how you are feeling – there is a problem. If you believe you should have a bond with a person, but there is still that sense of uncertainty, where you can’t read them inside and out – that would be something worth thinking about.

There is so much you can tell by looking at a person, the more you notice it, the greater it is to live by.



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