Nasty Mind Frames And General Chit-Chats

Hello blogging land!

I hope you are all well today. I’m almost on my way to 200 followers on DaySixtyFive, I’m so excited to reach 200. I remember being excited to get even 50 followers – so this is really lovely for me! I know majority of you have way more followers than me, but I really, really appreciate that you take the time to read my posts and follow along with DaySixtyFive. Thanks again, you!

So lately I have been noticing that my mind frame is continually set negative. I get frustrated easily and I tend to throw in the towel over the littlest things. My partner has a very positive mind frame, he tends to “look on the bright side” a lot. I find myself being enlightened by his positive attitude and it really picks me up.

At the moment, I am genuinely stressing about finding a place for us (my partner, myself and my cat) and it feels like we will be stuck out for a while. I want my desk, my computer, my playstation, my television (I miss my Sunrise every morning on the telly) and most of all, surprisingly I miss cooking. I miss having the choice of what groceries are available and what I’m putting into my stomach. I miss the free reign of washing my clothes. It’s nice walking around wearing nothing at all as well!

My partner is a gem and is remaining super positive, he has the view that we could potentially have a place in a week. I love his positivity. Even when I know it’s unrealistic, it’s still a lovely feeling having that little happy voice on your shoulder. We had a moment of missing Sydney together last night, but we brainstormed positive ideas and we have spent all day today discussing and gathering more information on how we can place things into action.

It’s interesting how when you make big changes such as changing your living location by moving states, which is such a huge step in the right direction, you start from scratch all over again. You can be established in life and then plant your roots in a different location and start all over again. It’s refreshing but defeating at the same time. You have one massive step forward and 3 steps back.

This year has been such a challenging year. My mum had the biggest health scare she has ever had in her entire life (thankfully she is okay) and it shook her and myself out of being stuck in such a rut, you really value life when you have shake ups like health scares. You don’t truly value and appreciate the body and the life that is happening  around you, I need to learn that life takes its time and patience isn’t a negative thing at all. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to live my dream here in Melbourne, I get to begin such an incredible journey here and I value everyday so much. As negative as I can be, I’m valuing every moment just in my own way.

It’s hard to change your tune when you start looking at things through a different light, but when you notice yourself going down that negative pathway you need to tell yourself “No, not happening” because we really do need to learn to change our negative attitudes. You don’t want to waste time being negative to have a shake up and realise you had all that time to be looking at your life and appreciating the good.

I know for a fact I am so guilty of this, I am incredibly pessimistic – but I need to take my opportunities right now and embrace them. It’s so easy to just look around you and say that everything is shit – you can look at a beautiful flower and point out all the flaws if you took the time to. Maybe one of the petals are smaller than the others, or the colour isn’t as vibrant as the one growing next to it, but the thing is is that the flower is still your favourite flower. You picked it, you embrace it and appreciate its beauty. A flower is a flower, they’re all beautiful in their own ways. Not every flower is going to grow the same.

Basically, if you notice yourself talking shit to yourself in your mind about something that doesn’t really truly matter and you know it isn’t worth complaining about or getting worked up about – try and stop yourself. Stop listening to yourself and just tune out. Think about the positive things and before you know it you will be changing your way of thinking and looking at things. It’s possible, I’ve done it before but I changed my mind frame back to negative in no time because I stopped working at it.

It’s important to embrace positivity, your state of mind is so important in healthy living.


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